Saturday, March 27, 2010

Look At Eva Longoria Beautiful Face

Eva Longoria Beautiful Face
Ever heard the saying like this: "Hair is crown for a woman"?, It seems the saying is indeed true for an Eva Longoria. Not like Natalie Portman, who still looks beautiful even though her hair cut or shaved down, Eva Longoria would seem more suited to long wavy hair styles, which is left loose and hanging gracefully over her shoulders. Apparently this long wavy hair style is to balance her face, which looks fattening. A choice of the right hairstyle for great ceremony, Eva!. Look, other than bring elegance, also symbolizes maturity and reinforces the impression of motherhood.
Eva Longoria Beautiful Hairstyle In Long WavyEva Longoria Beautiful FaceEva Longoria Beautiful FaceEva Longoria Beautiful Face
Basically, Eva Longoria was having eyes that many people say that it's a beautiful eyes, that is, eyes with brown iris. And it was enhanced by how Eva Longoria treats her eyebrows and eyelash, Look, the combination of dark shades of purple and silver around her brown eyes, it's truly luxurious. But there are some notes: purple polish just above Eva Longoria's eyelash, seemed too thick. It makes Eva was forced to always smile, to reduce the impression of haughty or swollen as the effects of the excess polish.

Now the look shifted to Eva Longoria face shape, it looks like She has a face shape that is very likely to an Oval-shaped, mainly influenced by her jaw line which is gently rounded, her face length that is still longer than its width and her forehead that is slightly narrowed. Then it became slightly oblong or rectangular-shaped, because of Eva Longoria's chin shape appeared to have a bit flat and straight lines horizontally. And one more feature that affects the face shape of Eva Longoria beautiful face, ie two outer lines on her cheekbones, which looks straight and elongated vertically.

Eva Jacqueline Longoria Parker (Parker is an appendage of her marriage to Tony Parker, a NBA Guard, in 2007), is a Mexican descent that the skin on her face looked a bit dark. However, her face skin to be unique, although a bit dark, but still looks smooth and clean.

Look also at Eva Longoria nose shape, it's a shaped-nose which is almost similar to Jessica Biel's nose or Melissa Theuriau, when viewed in frontal, her nose shape looked straight and has normal length with a very feminine style, conversely, when viewed from side, it's a big one. Then for her straight shaped-nose, according to physiognomy, means that Eva Longoria was a beautiful woman who wise, witty and diligent. Just look at Eva Longoria's big and kind smile, which rose between her clean shining teeth and her lips.

And that's why Eva Longoria was named Philanthropist of the Year 2009 by the Hollywood Reporter for her commitment to Latino causes and giving back to the community. Beautiful!.

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