Monday, March 22, 2010

Look At Dakota Fanning Beautiful Face

Suddenly, there came a scream of fear, Ray Ferrier (Tom Cruise) then ran to ensure safety of Rachel Ferrier (Dakota Fanning) who spots a body floating by in the water (seen from a distance with no blood / gore) that's followed by many more bodies. Then Ray grabs Rachel, who's horrified by the sight, and removes her from the scene.
Dakota Fanning Beautiful Face
It is a scene in War of the Worlds. And how Dakota Fanning screamed and sobbed until her eyes grabbed by Tom Cruise's hands, proves a great talent from Dakota Fanning in acting. She is very smart for making an expression, and that's really beautiful talent of a young actress Dakota Fanning.

Is her beautiful acting just as beautiful as her face?, Let's take a look. First, is about hair, Look, a little unfortunate that Dakota Fanning has a thin blonde hair. And her hair looks like being forced to expand (her face at right below this paragraph). Not just the hair that is not comfortable to be seen, but also her nose, What's wrong with her nose which raised a lump?. And behold, She looks like an old woman and...ugly. Could be, it's just because of imperfect camerawork by the photographer. Look at the talented Dakota Fanning face on top image, She is a beautiful girl indeed.
Dakota Fanning Beautiful Face
Is it true that there is a link between specific characters with eyes?, Most likely is true. Look at blue iris on Dakota Fanning's eyes. The spotlight on her eyes is so strong and bright, it reflects a high talent and an intelligence of Dakota Fanning as a great actress for the next. And right above her beautiful blue eyes, Dakota Fanning has eyelash and eyebrows that are still natural.
Dakota Fanning Beautiful Face
And remember, Hannah Dakota Fanning was only 16 years 1 month, at the age of teenagers, her facial struture can change, e.g is the growth of her skeleton. And actually, Dakota Fanning with her heart face shape (narrow jawlines with cheekbones tend to visible, pointed chin and broad forehead), it should be matched to her long straight blonde hairstyles. But on the middle picture above, why did She look like a Grandma?.


  1. she's a very talented actor, but quite plain. do an article on her sister Elle Fanning. Elle's not as talented as Dakota, but very pretty

  2. I seriously wanna slap the stupid cunt that made this blog. Dakota doesn't look ugly or like a "grandma" in that pic at all. It's just not the most flattering shot, that's it. But she still looks nice in that pic so I don't know what the hell your problem is. You should post a picture of yourself so we can all criticize and pick apart what you look like. If you look as ugly as you are on the inside, then it shouldn't be hard.

    By the way, learn English. The grammar on this is terrible.

  3. She has a similar face to Amanda Seyfried, but more wider and rounder heart shaped, almost more oval appearing. Also, I think she is an even better actress than Amanda Seyfried in my opinion.

    She still has that young-child like innocence in her with the same cute baby face. But, at the same time has grown so much as an actress. Personal favorites of hers: Secret Life of Bees, Uptown Girls, Charlotte's Web and I Am Sam. She is one of those few who has made a smooth transition from child star-A List young female actress. I think she has a pretty face and really has come into her own as an actress.


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