Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Look At Bea Alonzo Beautiful Face

Bea Alonzo Beautiful Face
The Philippines proves again that in this country there are so many women who have beautiful face. You probably already familiar with the beauty of Angel Locsin face and Marian Rivera face (two figures which are equally popular in Philippines). They have a big role on the dynamics of entertainment in Philippines, even more than that, they took up the name of Philippines to foreign countries, especially in Southeast Asia and East Asia.

And now comes another Pinoy celebrity, who is an actress and singer, She has a birth name and it is quite difficult to pronounce, her name is Phylbert Angellie Ranollo Fagestrom. With British descent from her father and Philippines from her mother, Look, there's a woman who really beautiful was smiling so sweetly to You.
Bea Alonzo Beautiful Face
It is not being exaggerated, that physically (keep in mind that beautiful face is something visible), almost of all parts that are on her face, were indeed beautiful.

Just take a look at Bea Alonzo beautiful face one by one, Bea Alonzo has long black hair style that would clearly reflect the elegance. Also, could mean low temperament and have lots of friends (psychologically).

Then, Bea Alonzo's forehead. She has a forehead with a very fit proportion to her own face. When viewed horizontally and then compared with her chin and jaw line, her forehead will look more in width, this is the main factor that Bea Alonzo has a heart-shaped face.

In addition, smooth curvature at the outer side of her forehead and jaw angle, when viewed from the front, it can be said that Bea Alonzo also has an oval face shape, as a combination of Bea Alonzo heart face shape. The interesting point is not on its face shape, but more specifically is at the level of curvature, which is looked very soft. Combined with Bea Alonzo facial skin, which is also very smooth, shiny and white, There is no doubt at all that Bea Alonzo is truly a Bea-utiful face.

And now look at Bea Alonzo's chin, probably, it is the Most Beautiful Chin of all female celebrities in the Philippines. Its shape is exquisite pointed, to collaborate in great harmony with Bea Alonzo thin lips, and just look at the flow lines starting from her angle of jaw, then to middle of jaw (just below her super-soft cheek) and stopped at the tip of her chin. That's the elements of How Bea Alonzo's beautiful pointed chin was shaped so neatly and exquisite. It's hard to liken, or probably, that's a masterpiece of a facial sculpture artist.

Physiognomically, her long black hair has given a meaning that She had a lot of friends, then surprisingly, Bea Alonzo's pointed chin has the meaning that Bea is a positive person who makes quick decisions and a type of Out-going (Friendly). Are You a Fan? Then just ask her...!.

Now about Bea Alonzo brown eyes, which the type of eyes like this, already well known by most people as beautiful eyes. But do you know the meaning of brown eyes?, Its meaning is that Bea Alonzo (because of her brown eyes), is a generous woman and noble.

Meanwhile, Bea Alonzo dark eyebrows gives a meaning, the woman has a good character in general. And Bea Alonzo's nose that looks lovely straight on its nasal bone and have a normal proportion or size, means that She is beautiful (She was already...), diligent, witty and wise.
Bea Alonzo Beautiful FaceBea Alonzo Beautiful Face
So, that was Bea "Bea-utiful" Alonzo, who at the beginning of the year 2010, She was awarded as the Best Dressed Celebrity. And apparently, She who will be 23 years old on October 17, 2010, is absolutely worthy to get the Award. And very likely, that one day, Bea Alonzo will shift the popularity of Angel Locsin.


  1. AnonymousJune 02, 2010

    "It's hard to liken, or probably, that's a masterpiece of a facial sculpture artist." Indeed!! In my opinion, she personafies barbie doll...in flesh! She doesn't pick any angle. The photos above are not her best ones but you still see her beauty floating. She can be mixed with anyone out there and yet, her beautiful face will stand out! Bea, you are the one!!

  2. seriously? eh nagparetoke kaya ng ilong si bea.

  3. Yeah, obviously she had her nose done. Malaki nose especially nostils nya like Osang but looking at her nose now lalo na dun sa The Mistress, halata na tumulis yung dulo. Walang deperensya sa bridge yung dulo lang ng ilong nya yung medyo bulbous noon, pero ngayon pointy at defined na sya.

  4. Retokada dn pla? Akala ko natural n ganda pr din palang si Kathrynne Bernardo na gandang di inakala dhil sa pera gumanda hehe


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