Thursday, March 18, 2010

Look At Erin Andrews Beautiful Face

She is a public figure which lately is becoming a hot topic, especially in the United States. An incident had happened to her, which was harassing her as a Woman who should be respected. This incident has become an experience that must be made Erin Andrews feels very traumatic, because of what had happened to her is something that is very destructive to the most personal side of an Erin Jill Andrews.

This incident was a video recording of Erin Andrews who was naked by a perpetrator who peered through a hole. This case is better known as Erin Andrews Peephole Video, that the perpetrator eventually sentenced to 30 months in prison.

It must be recognized that Erin Andrews is a Sportscaster who was sexy and athletic. And her face, of course beautiful. Just like Melissa Theuriau's beautiful face, a female TV reporter does have its own beauty.
Erin Andrews Beautiful Face
Look at Erin Andrews Beautiful Face, her hair looks elegant by letting it loose in a combination of thickness, length and blonde. And the wavy makes Erin Andrews hairstyle looked more perfect.

What about the forehead?, this is the part that seems to be something that does not need to be discussed here, however, her forehead is a key element that makes Erin Andrews's face was round shaped. This is also caused by the outer contours of her chin, jaws and cheekbones that looked smooth. Look at Erin's face on top image, with thick hair slicked back, her face still looks beautiful. Well, She managed to make something that is proportional or match to her round face shape which tends to slightly oval.
Erin Andrews Beautiful Face
Ouch!, unfortunately Erin Andrews has a big nose size, which oddly, it's also proportional to her face. But not only a big nose She has, Look, Erin Andrews also had a Big smile, giving a little more value on her lips that looked just ordinary. As a note, Erin Andrews has gray eyes.

Thus, the main charm of Erin Andrews beautiful face is Her hair, which is very thick and long.


  1. Well she really had a big size nose but still she looks so nice. I thing she need to go for the nose surgery juts to improve the appearance the size and shape of the nose. The surgery is such very great and many of the celebrity goes for these.

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  2. I love the way Erin Andrews looks, disregarding a big nose that she may have! But I do agree, her hair is her best asset. It seems like her hair would smell very nice, now I want to smell her hair!

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  4. I think she is beautiful and I give her credit for living in the limelight and not conforming to the pressures of plastic surgery

  5. She's absolutely beautiful, but it's true. Her nose reminds me of friggin' Pinocchio!!! BUT WHO CARES WHEN YOU'RE LOOKING AT HER THRU A GAADAHMN PEEPHOLE?? Huh?? Heh heh heh heh heh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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