Thursday, February 11, 2010

Look At Melissa Theuriau Beautiful Face

In accordance to the framework of the blog, which stated on the page, About, the Beautiful Face which appeared at this time, is not a model or actress. This beautiful face is a journalist and TV presenter, an occupation like that done by Juhi Chawla. Like most of the people of France, She has a name that a bit difficult to spell, Melissa Theuriau. But that would be shared at this moment, is not about her pretty unique name.
Look At Melissa Theuriau Beautiful Face
Look at Melissa Theuriau Beautiful Face, do you find something?, an impression that can be captured from Melissa Theuriau face is on her nose. Melissa Theuriau nose looks masculine, her nose shape is Solid, and the solid element on Melissa Theuriau nose reflects a real sense that is not quite fit with the Beauty (physically), but behind it, reflects a firm attitude, which should be, became a part of Melissa Theuriau inner beauty.

Look at Melissa Theuriau face more closely, what else on her face?, of course is her chin, just Look at Melissa Theuriau chin shape. Melissa Theuriau prominent chin is an essential element, which became the balance to the feel of masculinity that is reflected from Melissa Theuriau nose. Look again, that was a Melissa Theuriau, who is looking so beautiful. All of that, is balanced well by her hairstyle, and naturally by her face shape and her teeth. So, this is the typical of a News Reporter Beauty.

Melissa Theuriau Beautiful Face image source: Wikimedia.commons, author: Ammar Abd Rabbo.

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