Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Look At Leighton Meester Beautiful Face

For those who live outside the United States, would be more familiar with the figure of Megan Fox, than the figure of a Beautiful Face which appears on the post this time. Who was She?, briefly if these two figures can be compared, this beautiful girl no less beautiful than Megan Fox, even, there must be some people who tend to say that Leighton Meester, who is also a songwriter and singer (Cool is not it?), is more beautiful than Megan Fox. I think this assessment is not something that corny, just Look at the way Leighton Meester smiles. Well?.
Look At Leighton Meester Beautiful Face
And now it's time to Look at Leighton Meester Beautiful Face, What is there on the face of Leighton Meester?, as already mentioned in the first paragraph, is Leighton Meester's smile. Look at the smile from Leighton Meester, at the very top picture, it was a smile that reflects that Leighton Meester truly enjoying a Moment - it's a moment when Leighton Meester at the CW upfront presentation: Green Carpet Arrivals, Madison Square Garden, New York City in May 21, 2009. The point is, Leighton Meester totally devoted communication skills (one of it is body language - her smile) she has, to the people or parties who communicate with him. The result is a smile that looked loose, friendly and not contrived. Look at Leighton Meester Beautiful Smile, even Leighton Meester is not awkward with the teeth of upper right, which actually looks less tidy, uneven with her middle teeth.
Look At Leighton Meester Beautiful Face
Look at Leighton Meester face shape and hair, if indeed talking about beautiful face is actually talking about proportionality, then Leighton Meester beautiful face is a reinforcement of those two things. Leighton Meester round face shape and long wavy hair, making Leighton Meester looked so amazing, and when her hair tied up, Leighton Meester became a graceful figure. And it's reasonable, if Sunsilk choose Gossip Girl's Blair Wladorf to become one of the brand.
Look At Leighton Meester Beautiful FaceLook At Leighton Meester Beautiful Face
Leighton Meester Beautiful Face images sources: Wikimedia.commons 1 and Wikimedia.commons2 authorized by Kristin Dos Santos from Los Angeles and David Shankbone, SCUPYDOO's Gallery by SCUPYDOO.


  1. wwwwwwwwao!!!!!!!

  2. im totally agree with you leighton meester is gorgeous but when leighton smile is incredible the energy and glow the she transmit and of course look super beautiful more the you can imagine

  3. Sorry but this is the most shallow and superficial blog ever. And learn how to speak English, the grammar on this is atrocious.


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