Thursday, February 25, 2010

Look At Jessica Biel Beautiful Face

Look, her nose shape reminiscent of nose shape of a TV presenter from France, namely Melissa Theuriau. However, Jessica Biel's nose shape is more sharp-edged. The character of two noses like these, more likely to reflect aspects of masculinity, more precisely, there is a tough side to the self of Jessica Biel.
Jessica Biel Beautiful Face
Born as Jessica Claire Biel on 3 March, 1982, Jessica Biel co-founded the Make the Difference Network (MTDN) in 2007. What has been coined by Jessica Biel, is a proof that Jessica Biel is a tough and beautiful woman from the inside. Why from the inside?, Look at her lips and teeth, those two parts of face, looked too large in size. However, observe more closely, Jessica Biel is very good at using the body language, She has a very friendly smile and seemed very polite.

As for her soft brown hair, it's a part which is look so ideal for Jessica Biel's hazel eyes. These two elements minimizing the masculinity on Jessica Biel's beautiful face. Look at a small strand of her hair which hung so elegant on her face, it has a length which is so fitted to the jaw line, and will be swinging lovely when there is wind. Also, her beautiful hair (which always coupled with her cheeks) was highly adapted by the fundamental element on her face, it is Jessica Biel's long oval face shape.
Jessica Biel Beautiful Face
Apparently, Jessica Biel has a forehead that could be categorized as high forehead, whereas under her Friendly Smile (on the other side, it looks like-Sorry, a horse grinning), Jessica Biel has a narrow chin. To ensure, Look at Jessica Biel Beautiful Face.

Jessica Biel image source: Jessica Biel at Palm Springs International Film Festival on Wikimedia.commons. Attribution: Maggie.


  1. Jessica Biel does have one of those classically trained faces.

  2. AnonymousJuly 23, 2014

    I agree there is a degree of masculinity about her face.


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