Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are There Any Natural Facial Beauty Among Female Celebrities?

Perceiving beautiful face is affected by two main factors which inherent on the face or object that is perceived or seen. Two factors are:
1. Facial proportion
2. Facial expression

Facial proportion is all physical features on the face, and closely related to the symmetry and proportionality. While facial expressions are non-physical, such as impression, countenance, articulation, and its similar. And subjectivity is found on the second factor.

The perception of people towards a beautiful face, often are the same when referring to aspects of facial proportion. For instance, most people agree that Aishwarya Rai's face is beautiful because her face shape is proportional and her face skin is smooth. And this facial proportion factor that makes a lot of female celebrities take shortcuts, that prefer to do facial plastic surgery and or facial cosmetic surgery.

They do things like that is in order to find a face and its features that are proportionate and symmetrical. This was confirmed also by the amount of research that resulted in a conclusion that the face is categorized as a beautiful face, is if the face is proportionate and symmetrical. In addition, a proportional face, or have a regular pattern, would produce an aesthetic value. An example is the curved features on face, where in fact, formed from the sequence of Fibonacci numbers, which is so patterned.

With so many scientific facts which justify that proportionality and symmetry are key elements of a beautiful face, celebrities increasingly eager to have a face that they desire. Even they do not hesitate to spend millions of dollars to set up a face that is not natural at all, or fake. A top famous female celebrity who became a public discussion regarding this matter is Megan Fox. If you keep an eye on Megan Fox's nose shape, then you will find that its shape was too perfect.

Ironically, they seemed to forget that facial beauty is also strongly influenced by facial expressions. Aesthetic value of facial expression can be captured by the eyes of people, when celebrities "do something without artificial." And actually, this is what better reflect the natural facial beauty. An example of aesthetic value of facial expression is when Emily Deschanel is doing autograph with patience, sincere and serious for her fans.

Once the proliferation of facial cosmetic surgery among celebrities, a very logical uncertainty arises: Are there any natural facial beauty among them?.

Perform Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Have You Considered It Carefully?

Facial cosmetic surgery performed in order to beautify the face, could indicate two things:
1. That people who do this is lacking confidence
2. That people who do this is less a sense of gratitude to God
However, it is their right, the people who decide to undergo facial cosmetic surgery.

Actually the more interesting to talk is not on the two points above, but at the profit and loss of a facial cosmetic surgery (advantages and disadvantages). On this day where everything can be represented by digital numbers, or can be measured by more specific and accurate, is to be a highly possible when before someone does facial cosmetic surgery, first She or He calculates on What percentage of profits or losses, both for long-term and short-term.

As a simple example is Jocelyn Wildenstein, She included a group of people who really loses because we all already knew that her face became very messy and horrible. Could be, Jocelyn Wildenstein did not first carefully consider or count to at least two of the following:
1. Without having to perform plastic surgery, She already had a beautiful face
2. If before She did plastic surgery, her beautiful face is 90%, Is the plastic surgery will give its 10%, so that her face is beautiful to be optimal at 100%?

Above example, only illustrates a simple calculation. The plastic surgeon must have a lot of sophisticated equipment-tools-programs, which may, one of which is a tool that is able to produce projection images of the face after surgery. These images are then shown to the candidates of facial plastic surgery. And this is the moment or crucial stage for the candidates to make a decision; will undergo the knife or will not.

Description mentioned above is only limited to technical aspects, in fact, there are still many non-technical aspects that need to be considered first before performing facial cosmetic surgery, therefore, the candidates know exactly advantages and disadvantages. As example is the perception of people, most people still think that facial cosmetic surgery is bad behavior, and this will definitely affect the psychological condition of the candidates, because it indirectly, the candidates will be considered as a person who behaved badly. Though not necessarily.

Of all, a simple consideration that can be used is that when a face is not beautiful because of lack of proportional, symmetrical and aesthetically, a facial cosmetic surgery does not guarantee to make a face 100% proportional, symmetrical and aesthetically. And do you know?, turns out that Thai actress, Taksaorn Paksukcharoen, still looks very beautiful even though her nose is too big (not proportional).

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Behind The 2009 AAFPRS Fact Of Facial Plastic Surgery

There is a very measurable fact as stated by the AAFPRS that for the year 2009, 84% of candidates for facial plastic surgery are women. On the other hand, there is again a fact which though not as specific and valid as the first fact, but contains a strong indirect correlation between both, i.e a piece of Oscar Wilde's quote: A woman's face is her work of fiction.

This is an article that has no empirical validity of truth, but rather to an article that tries to tell you that there is something very catchy between the two facts above. The strong indirect correlation as mentioned in the first paragraph, then leads to a question: Does the first fact was showing or proving the truth of Oscar Wilde statement?.

In simple terms, woman is female human which has the nature, attitude and character that contrasts with man. If woman is gentle, sensitive, shy, spoiled, weak, loves flowers, loves pink and much more, then man is the opposite. There is also a comprehension which states that woman is created with 9 lusts and 1 reason, on the contrary, man is created with 9 reasons and 1 lust.

Could be, this is what makes a man had difficulty in understanding how a woman thinks. They are created in the world of sense, therefore, a woman's face could not reflect the actual identity of the woman herself. They loved to color the lips with lipstick, make eyelash become flicks, wearing eye shadow so that the eye area looked shady, including, perform rhinoplasty, bhleroplasty and other facial plastic surgeries.

All it is fictional world being played by women, just as is implied in Oscar Wilde quote above, where, it is also denoted by the figures 84% of people who perform facial plastic surgery.

Facial Cosmetic Surgery And Its Effect On Celebrities Popularity

Popularity, this is a word that is most relevant with celebrities, and also being chased by celebrities. There are many factors that could affect the popularity of celebrities, such as their behavior, achievement and appearance or style, and others. These factors are then detailed to factors that are smaller and more specific, where one of them is about things on their face.

Then when talking about the faces of celebrities, there's one thing that is very relevant as well, namely facial cosmetic surgery. And interestingly, when a celebrity doing a facial cosmetic surgery, then in fact this is already is one factor that can increase, but also decreased the popularity of its celebrity. For shortly, the popularity of celebrity may be increased because she or he was the subject of people conversation everywhere. However, for lengthy, people will wonder: Why would she or he do that?, And trends that might happen is that what she or he did was to decrease the popularity of celebrities themselves.

Why can?, because there still exists a strong thoughts on people that facial cosmetic surgery is bad behavior. Celebrities's facial cosmetic surgery is a strong indication that celebrities do not have high confidence. Even more than that, a facial cosmetic surgery is an embodiment of the sense of being ungrateful to God. This will be a factor that is very counterproductive to the meaning of term "popular", ie fact or condition of being beloved by the people.

Maybe celebrities think that by choosing to do under the knife on their faces, will make their face to be beautiful or more beautiful. Does have a point a little, and probably will make their popularity rise, but it is only apparent popularity. People who have not recognized them, it's going to love their beautiful faces. But not for people who already know them, mainly on their fans. Their fans will give a bad note due to facial cosmetic surgery is bad behavior. Including those who do not recognize them, but later knew that those celebrities are just fake beautiful faces. As a result, their popularity decreased.