Sunday, September 12, 2010

Are There Any Natural Facial Beauty Among Female Celebrities?

Perceiving beautiful face is affected by two main factors which inherent on the face or object that is perceived or seen. Two factors are:
1. Facial proportion
2. Facial expression

Facial proportion is all physical features on the face, and closely related to the symmetry and proportionality. While facial expressions are non-physical, such as impression, countenance, articulation, and its similar. And subjectivity is found on the second factor.

The perception of people towards a beautiful face, often are the same when referring to aspects of facial proportion. For instance, most people agree that Aishwarya Rai's face is beautiful because her face shape is proportional and her face skin is smooth. And this facial proportion factor that makes a lot of female celebrities take shortcuts, that prefer to do facial plastic surgery and or facial cosmetic surgery.

They do things like that is in order to find a face and its features that are proportionate and symmetrical. This was confirmed also by the amount of research that resulted in a conclusion that the face is categorized as a beautiful face, is if the face is proportionate and symmetrical. In addition, a proportional face, or have a regular pattern, would produce an aesthetic value. An example is the curved features on face, where in fact, formed from the sequence of Fibonacci numbers, which is so patterned.

With so many scientific facts which justify that proportionality and symmetry are key elements of a beautiful face, celebrities increasingly eager to have a face that they desire. Even they do not hesitate to spend millions of dollars to set up a face that is not natural at all, or fake. A top famous female celebrity who became a public discussion regarding this matter is Megan Fox. If you keep an eye on Megan Fox's nose shape, then you will find that its shape was too perfect.

Ironically, they seemed to forget that facial beauty is also strongly influenced by facial expressions. Aesthetic value of facial expression can be captured by the eyes of people, when celebrities "do something without artificial." And actually, this is what better reflect the natural facial beauty. An example of aesthetic value of facial expression is when Emily Deschanel is doing autograph with patience, sincere and serious for her fans.

Once the proliferation of facial cosmetic surgery among celebrities, a very logical uncertainty arises: Are there any natural facial beauty among them?.

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