Saturday, September 11, 2010

Facial Cosmetic Surgery And Its Effect On Celebrities Popularity

Popularity, this is a word that is most relevant with celebrities, and also being chased by celebrities. There are many factors that could affect the popularity of celebrities, such as their behavior, achievement and appearance or style, and others. These factors are then detailed to factors that are smaller and more specific, where one of them is about things on their face.

Then when talking about the faces of celebrities, there's one thing that is very relevant as well, namely facial cosmetic surgery. And interestingly, when a celebrity doing a facial cosmetic surgery, then in fact this is already is one factor that can increase, but also decreased the popularity of its celebrity. For shortly, the popularity of celebrity may be increased because she or he was the subject of people conversation everywhere. However, for lengthy, people will wonder: Why would she or he do that?, And trends that might happen is that what she or he did was to decrease the popularity of celebrities themselves.

Why can?, because there still exists a strong thoughts on people that facial cosmetic surgery is bad behavior. Celebrities's facial cosmetic surgery is a strong indication that celebrities do not have high confidence. Even more than that, a facial cosmetic surgery is an embodiment of the sense of being ungrateful to God. This will be a factor that is very counterproductive to the meaning of term "popular", ie fact or condition of being beloved by the people.

Maybe celebrities think that by choosing to do under the knife on their faces, will make their face to be beautiful or more beautiful. Does have a point a little, and probably will make their popularity rise, but it is only apparent popularity. People who have not recognized them, it's going to love their beautiful faces. But not for people who already know them, mainly on their fans. Their fans will give a bad note due to facial cosmetic surgery is bad behavior. Including those who do not recognize them, but later knew that those celebrities are just fake beautiful faces. As a result, their popularity decreased.

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