Sunday, September 12, 2010

Perform Facial Cosmetic Surgery, Have You Considered It Carefully?

Facial cosmetic surgery performed in order to beautify the face, could indicate two things:
1. That people who do this is lacking confidence
2. That people who do this is less a sense of gratitude to God
However, it is their right, the people who decide to undergo facial cosmetic surgery.

Actually the more interesting to talk is not on the two points above, but at the profit and loss of a facial cosmetic surgery (advantages and disadvantages). On this day where everything can be represented by digital numbers, or can be measured by more specific and accurate, is to be a highly possible when before someone does facial cosmetic surgery, first She or He calculates on What percentage of profits or losses, both for long-term and short-term.

As a simple example is Jocelyn Wildenstein, She included a group of people who really loses because we all already knew that her face became very messy and horrible. Could be, Jocelyn Wildenstein did not first carefully consider or count to at least two of the following:
1. Without having to perform plastic surgery, She already had a beautiful face
2. If before She did plastic surgery, her beautiful face is 90%, Is the plastic surgery will give its 10%, so that her face is beautiful to be optimal at 100%?

Above example, only illustrates a simple calculation. The plastic surgeon must have a lot of sophisticated equipment-tools-programs, which may, one of which is a tool that is able to produce projection images of the face after surgery. These images are then shown to the candidates of facial plastic surgery. And this is the moment or crucial stage for the candidates to make a decision; will undergo the knife or will not.

Description mentioned above is only limited to technical aspects, in fact, there are still many non-technical aspects that need to be considered first before performing facial cosmetic surgery, therefore, the candidates know exactly advantages and disadvantages. As example is the perception of people, most people still think that facial cosmetic surgery is bad behavior, and this will definitely affect the psychological condition of the candidates, because it indirectly, the candidates will be considered as a person who behaved badly. Though not necessarily.

Of all, a simple consideration that can be used is that when a face is not beautiful because of lack of proportional, symmetrical and aesthetically, a facial cosmetic surgery does not guarantee to make a face 100% proportional, symmetrical and aesthetically. And do you know?, turns out that Thai actress, Taksaorn Paksukcharoen, still looks very beautiful even though her nose is too big (not proportional).


  1. Considering that we need to look more beautiful to last in our certain career makes us do such things that we haven't tried before and plastic surgery is one. We don't know what will happen after the operation but one thing for sure, we need to accept and face the consequences of that we done.

  2. Cosmetic surgery is one of the two branches of surgery, along with plastic surgery, and the two are inseparable and share common principles and goals. Designed to transform the shape of the body, which nature has made imperfect, or that life has changed, cosmetic surgery is a medical discipline in its own right. The techniques used in plastic surgery follows the same rules as all other operations, and require the same precautions and the same care, and especially since his voluntary and not mandatory in nature, to ensure that no errors are allowed.

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  4. The plastic surgeon should have lots of sophisticated equipment, tools, programs, which could, one of which is a tool that is able to produce projection images of the face after surgery. These images are then shown to the candidates of facial plastic surgery.

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  5. Beautiful face is just like a bonus the true beauty is the inner you, your personality.


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