Sunday, September 5, 2010

Look At Scarlett Johansson Beautiful Face

In 2003 there was an American film with a terrific original screenplay, which even won Academy Awards for Best Original Screenplay. You probably know this movie, Lost in Translation, a movie-themed comedy and included in successful box office movie.

But further than that, there is a central figure in the film, which is quite seized the attention of audience, namely Charlotte, a woman who is not so sure about the future and her husband who is a celebrity photographer. And the cast of Charlotte that's now included as one of the most popular female celebrities, especially among men, is the talented Scarlett Johansson.
Scarlett Johansson Beautiful Face
Scarlett Johansson face (#1)
Scarlett Johansson was born on November 22, 1984, other than as an actress, She is also a singer. It is undeniable that Scarlett Johansson is an actress with great talent, where her role as Charlotte in Lost in Translation has given her a BAFTA Award for Best Actress in a Leading Role. In addition, She also has been nominated four times in a classy event, the Golden Globe, three times for Best Actress and once for Best Supporting Actress.

Indeed, if talking the face, Scarlett Johansson does not have such beautiful faces like Megan Fox (another Hollywood actress who is relatively age with her), which, Megan Fox has a physical facial feature which emphasizes the principles of proportionality and symmetry. But when judging the facial expressions, it will be different, Scarlett Johansson's face associated to the maturity, integrity and intelligence, where, Scarlett Johansson's facial expressions generated by her intelligence and her talents in acting, and other positive characters in the self of Scarlett Johansson.

Real facts are, for the Golden Globe, Scarlett Johansson successfully nominated four times, while Megan Fox has never even. People tend to find the nuances of sexiness and hot on Megan Fox's face, while, high integrity and intelligence expressed on the face of Scarlett Johansson. Look at Scarlett Johansson facial expression on image #2.
Scarlett Johansson Beautiful Face
Scarlett Johansson face (#2)
Scarlett Johansson physical facial features that could be considered less proportional, can be seen on image #5. Her nose looked big and not feminine, her face shape also looks elongated vertically (image #3, #4 and #5) with slightly pockmarked face skin on image #5. But may be, physical facial features like these that reflect the nature of Toughness of Scarlett Johansson.
Scarlett Johansson Beautiful Face
Scarlett Johansson face (#3)
In essence, the beauty of a woman's face do imply or associated to many things, and that's why perceives a woman's facial beauty is a subjective issue. If you are going to uncover the beauty of Scarlett Johansson's face, then you'll find it in her facial expression and her facial impression.
Scarlett Johansson Beautiful Face
Scarlett Johansson face (#4)
However Scarlett Johansson is a public figure who, of course, always try to maintain of her every appearance. If perceiving her figure intact as a female celebrity, not only on her physical facial look, then She included as sexiest women in Hollywood. As stated by Esquire magazine in November 2006 that Scarlett Johansson is the Sexiest Woman Alive, Sexiest Celebrity of the Year by Playboy in February 2007. And the actual, Scarlett Johansson, ranked 23rd in the Top 99 Women of 2010 on AskMen.
Scarlett Johansson Beautiful Face
Scarlett Johansson face with slightly pockmarked facial skin, click to enlarge (#5)
Image source: Scarlett Johansson on Wikimedia. Attributions: Xavier Caballe, Sergeant Bryson K. Jones and John Harrison.

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