Saturday, September 11, 2010

Behind The 2009 AAFPRS Fact Of Facial Plastic Surgery

There is a very measurable fact as stated by the AAFPRS that for the year 2009, 84% of candidates for facial plastic surgery are women. On the other hand, there is again a fact which though not as specific and valid as the first fact, but contains a strong indirect correlation between both, i.e a piece of Oscar Wilde's quote: A woman's face is her work of fiction.

This is an article that has no empirical validity of truth, but rather to an article that tries to tell you that there is something very catchy between the two facts above. The strong indirect correlation as mentioned in the first paragraph, then leads to a question: Does the first fact was showing or proving the truth of Oscar Wilde statement?.

In simple terms, woman is female human which has the nature, attitude and character that contrasts with man. If woman is gentle, sensitive, shy, spoiled, weak, loves flowers, loves pink and much more, then man is the opposite. There is also a comprehension which states that woman is created with 9 lusts and 1 reason, on the contrary, man is created with 9 reasons and 1 lust.

Could be, this is what makes a man had difficulty in understanding how a woman thinks. They are created in the world of sense, therefore, a woman's face could not reflect the actual identity of the woman herself. They loved to color the lips with lipstick, make eyelash become flicks, wearing eye shadow so that the eye area looked shady, including, perform rhinoplasty, bhleroplasty and other facial plastic surgeries.

All it is fictional world being played by women, just as is implied in Oscar Wilde quote above, where, it is also denoted by the figures 84% of people who perform facial plastic surgery.

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  1. AnonymousJuly 03, 2013

    women are just as smart as men. don't talk about how women are only capable of being beautiful then get angry when they have surgery. they have surgery because they have a pressure on them to be beautiful. men do not have this pressure. stupid blog.


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