Friday, April 30, 2010

The Face Of Katrina Kaif Is Not Sexy Or Hot, But It Is A Cute, Adorable, And Beautiful

Katrina Kaif Beautiful FaceKatrina Kaif Beautiful FaceKatrina Kaif Beautiful FaceKatrina Kaif Beautiful FaceKatrina Kaif Beautiful FaceKatrina Kaif Beautiful Face
Whatever is done by a famous celebrity would be a spotlight. If allowed to assume, the more "extreme behavior" of both good and bad did or performed by a celebrity, the more it will create the popularity of a celebrity is skyrocketing. Then finally, it will greatly affect the impression formed on the self of a celebrity. And, it has become a kind of symbiotic mutualism for a celebrity and the media. So what to do with Katrina Kaif?.

Look at the faces of Katrina Kaif above, what is there?. It's true, her face looks so beautiful, and it makes Your eyes to stare unblinking at her face. And really, the impression of sexy and hot, is very minimal to be discovered from all of features formed on her face. Even if the impression of sexy and hot to be found, it was because of the influence or effect of Katrina Kaif's body language, hairstyle, lipstick color, and all shades or tones of makeup on her face.

Look, Sambo's cheek is a kind of chubby cheeks, where, the chubby cheeks will create an impression of Adorable and Cute. While her eyes is more suitable to be categorized as a Baby Eyes. Continue on her lips, how can it be regarded as the most sexy lips?. Sexy or hot lips, is more suited to a shape of lip as on the face of Angelina Jolie or Priyanka Chopra. Where the shape of lips tends to bloom and thick. Is the lips shape of Katrina Kaif likewise?.

So, Katrina Kaif's face is considered or assessed as Sexy or Hot, is more because of What is being done by Katrina Kaif. Not infrequently Katrina Kaif to appear with a relatively minimal clothing, so the beautiful curves of her body became so visible. And Katrina Kaif's dress that is relatively minimal, including a form of "extreme behavior" (this image shows that Katrina Kaif is Sexy and or Hot). And it will be very influential on How do people assess or judge on Katrina Kaif, including in assessing her face. Where in fact, Katrina Kaif's face is more worthy to be said as: Cute, Adorable, and Beautiful, away from the term of Sexy or Hot.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Look At Jennifer Lopez Beautiful Face

Jennifer Lopez Beautiful FaceJennifer Lopez Beautiful FaceJennifer Lopez Beautiful FaceJennifer Lopez Beautiful Face
Here is a beautiful woman who was called as J. Lo, She has a combination of two parts on her face which is quite strange, in which her chin pointed, while her jaw bone looked strong. So when Jennifer Lopez's face appeared in frontal, allowing a combination of three face shapes, i.e. square, heart and diamond. And oddly enough, the shape of Jennifer Lopez's forehead is rounded, so contrary to her jaw shape, and her chin (with firm line). Look for Yourself, it's quite strange combination, right?.

But look more closely at Jennifer Lopez's cheek, not fumble if She considered as the owner of the sexiest cheek. J. Lo has the zygomatic bone (located on a prominent part at the cheek) that high and not too prominent. So that makes the surface of her cheek looked flat-smooth, slender, and always proportional. Where her jaw bone, as is the frame that always keep the proportionality of her cheek, to keep it looking flat-smooth.

In addition to the sexy-beautiful cheeks, Jennifer Lopez apparently also has eye color which is regarded as beautiful, i.e. brown. Later, her brown eyes become a basic consideration in determining the color for her hairstyle. Look at two pictures at the bottom, J. Lo looks so beautiful with brown hairstyle. And with her hair tied up, She looked down-to-earth.

With a face shape that could be said as unique, is rather difficult to determine a suitable hairstyle for Jennifer Lopez. But there is a hair style, which can uncover optimally all her potential beauty that is hidden behind her face. That is, Jennifer Lopez in a hair style with long jagged cut bangs, it makes Jennifer Lopez look simple but amazing.
Jennifer Lopez Beautiful FaceJennifer Lopez Beautiful Face
Image sources: Speaker Pelosi's photostream under tags Jennifer Lopez on Flickr by Speaker Nancy Pelosi, J. Lo on Flickr by Steve Bott, J. Lo on Flickr by Ludwig Roxas, Time 100 2006 Gala-Jennifer Lopez on Wikimedia by Amanda Cogdon.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

What Exactly Is The Face Shape That Katrina Kaif Had?

Who does not know Katrina Kaif, a Bollywood celebrity who is regarded as the sexiest lips in India. All people are so devoted to the beauty of her face, it's so sexy and adorable. A combination that could be considered rare. Because, sexy and adorable are two quite different characteristics. But, What exactly is the face shape that Katrina Kaif had?.

To determine the face shape, the simple way is: Put the face in frontal view right in front of the mirror, pull all hair back, do not look down, do not look up, and do not look to the right-to the left. Let face in expression of quiet or calm. Then, take a reference (book, magazine, article et cetera) that contains about indications of face shapes.

Here is a picture of Katrina Kaif's face, which at least, meet or in accordance with above ways.
Katrina Kaif Face Shape
Watch carefully to the beautiful face of Kartina Kaif, Katrina Kaif has a smooth jaw line, as such, She is not faced square. Her face length (vertical) is longer than her face width (horizontal). Her forehead is: somewhat high, round, and with two smooth curved corners (up right-up left). While her chin, also has nearly same measurement with the forehead, in addition, the line outside (right-left) on her chin, looks smooth curved too, just a little bit flat, and did not taper or pointed (usually found in heart-shaped face). However, the strongest indication is the outermost line on her face as a whole.

Based on above factors or indications, it can be concluded that Katrina Kaif has an oval face shape (dominantly). But keep in mind, that the face shape can appear to change, one factor that affects is: obesity factor.

Megan Fox's Face Actually Is Not Beautiful

Megan Fox Beautiful Face
The first, look at the face of Megan Fox thoroughly. The second, put yourself in position of neutral or objective. Not as a huge fan of her, or as a hater. Then, what do you find on her face?.

Yea, whether true or not that Megan Fox has been doing plastic surgery to her face, the picture above does show that there are many wonderful features on Megan Fox face. Among others, the smooth curved line on her nasal bone, thus resulting an exquisite point or tip on her nose cartilage, her dark-thick-long eyebrows that reduce glare from her eyes, which raised the nuances of shade around her eyes, the two split lips that look blooming, and many others.

But, why is difficult to conclude that it is indeed a beautiful face?. The answer is clear, that is the Impression. Almost all shapes and styles of each face part on her face, revealing a strong impression of three elements, namely sexiness, hotness, and sensuality. Though indeed, a beautiful impression can still get caught. And those three strong impression, greatly reduces the impression of beauty.

Sexiness, hotness, and sensuality, arising from the glance of her eye, her tapering eyelash, and especially, because of her lips shape that look "blooming". Apparently, all men will love her blooming lips. So actually, the face of Megan Fox is more appropriate to be called as Sexy, Hot and Sensual, rather than Beautiful. Just look closely at her face once again.

Image source: Megan Fox at the Los Angeles Premiere of Eagle Eye, Grauman's Chinese Theatre, Hollywood, CA, on September 16th,2008 on Flickr by Megan Fox Rules!.

Vanessa Hudgens and Her Cute Face

Vanessa Hudgens and Her Cute Face
This is Vanessa Hudgens's face that could make all of her fans are crazy about her. Despite that, very likely, this is the face of Vanessa Hudgens at the time She was a teenager, but look closely, it is a true cute face. Rarely, a celebrity who has the characteristics of a cute face like this.

It may be because Vanessa Hudgens is a girl who comes from five lineages: Irish, Native American, Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino. And She looks more cute, because, She also tied her hair with ribbons, and She posed with a smiling expression.

If observed, Vanessa Hudgens, actually has a face shape, as opposed to a characteristic of Cuteness. Cuteness is usually more synonymous to facial disproportionate. But behold, Vanessa Hudgens's face has a proportion that could be considered ideal. The only thing that seemed out of proportion (could mean, "Cute"), is her nose shape, that looked stretched at the center of her nasal bone and its cartilage. Meanwhile, other parts of her face, i.e. her chin, cheeks, jaw, eyebrows, eyes, and forehead, all looked proportional.

Then if it is Cuteness is more to a shape that is disproportionate, where is the Cuteness Charm on the face of Vanessa Hudgens above?. Her cuteness charms are:

1. Facial expression
In which She seemed to be smiling
2. Hairstyle
Where her hair was tied
3. Ribbons and bracelets (accessories)
Two-knacks that indeed, already has a cute characteristics
4. Style of her dress
Which She wore clothes that let her shoulders open
5. The way of Vanessa Hudgens in pose
With her head tilted, pressing her cheek on her shoulder, and a hand that seemed to be holding the neck, allowing the body language that has the cuteness charm.

But there is one interesting thing, that, Cuteness is distinct from Beauty.

Image source: Vanessa-Hudgens.p...'s Gallery on Picasa Web Album.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Simple Thought On How To Determine The Makeup

Grooming or makeup is an important factor which will obviously greatly affect one's appearance. Even, radiant charm of personality, which is generated from the makeup, could differ 180 degrees from its original personality.

In outline, there are two consequences of makeup:

First, when someone is wrong in determining the choice of makeup, then the result is an appearance of being very uncomfortable to be viewed by others.

Second or conversely, if She or He is right, it will make people always try to approach her or him (let's just say it in a party). One thing is essential, the assessment of whether good or not the makeup, it is absolutely in the hands of others. So it should be, people who use makeup (fop), do not be selfish. The dilemma, makeup is also a rather subjective thing, even sensitive.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Grace Kelly's Beautiful Face Speaks Better Than Words

As a proverb which says: "Music Speaks Better Than Words", apparently, it also applies to the beautiful face of Grace Kelly. 'm Not exaggerating, a lot of people who claimed that She has particularly beautiful face that is very original and natural. Both statements implicitly or explicitly.

In an age where everything can be engineered today, everything can be made to look beautiful. In terms of facial proportions, already a common thing when a female celebrity operated her lip shape (or other parts of face), to appear proportional to chin, cheek, or in general, so that is proportional to the face. Therefore, any features on her face could be seen in balance. But, maybe that's a small example of the evolving world of civilization and we can not deny that fact.
Grace Kelly Beautiful Face
Certainly it was predictable, the above is the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. While today there are so many people gossiping or wondering about: Is Angelina Jolie, Kristin Kreuk, and other beautiful women have plastic surgery?, By contrast, today there are still many people who also gossiping about, like what exactly, the beautiful face owned by Grace Kelly?. Where, Grace Kelly is believed by many people, has a natural and beautiful face without plastic surgery.

It's hard to describe her beauty is not it?, the hard is that, Grace Kelly had died about 28 years ago. Look at her face above, if the face proportion is as a benchmark, She obviously already has. Look also at how her eyes looked, how her lips shaped, how her face shape seemed transformed from square to heart shaped, and also her nose shape.

All it really is, nice-looking features on her face, which is explained by itself about how amazing the beautiful face of Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly's Face Speaks Better Than Words.

Jessica Alba And Her Lovely Expression And Smile

Jessica Alba And Her Lovely Expression And Smile
Do you still remember with the expression and smile of Lee Hyori?. Yea, with a smile, it will make people look more beautiful, sympathetic, friendly, and many other good impression. Hence, most people assume that a Smile is the Scent of Love.

Above is a picture of Jessica Alba when attending Comic Con in 2007 to promotes Good Luck Chuck. Once again, the smile gives a proof that a smile can make people really look beautiful. Look at her face, than it already has the ideal face shape for a woman's face, i.e. oval, Jessica Alba looks really enjoy being on the show to promote her Good Luck Chuck.

Observe carefully, it seems She was communicating with her interlocutors (who probably are the journalists). On her face, clearly implied how Albz mobilized all the capabilities to communicate. She looked so smart to use body language, which one of the most important things is to Smile.

Despite that the life of a celebrity is usually good, but it does not mean that the celebrity does not have a personal problem that complicated. Where, it will negatively affect the actualization to the public, especially to reporters and journalists. Just look at body language on the face of Jessica Alba, She looks so smart to play it. It is an intelligent acting, Sky Angel!.

Image Source: Jessica Alba attending Comic Con 2007 to promote Good Luck Chuck on Wikimedia, authorized by Lindsey8417.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Look At Lee Hyori Beautiful Face

Lee Hyori Beautiful Face, Wonderful Smile
Is a beautiful face must always be embodied in a balanced facial proportions?, physically is Yes. And in general, it was shown by most women who looked beautiful, which is innateness. However, for a beautiful face which turned out to be a result of plastic surgery, many people still argue, it is not beautiful.

Another case with a beautiful face arising from a strong expression, it even became a very special beauty, because it is implied by body language on the face, which looks as it is, look out, and not artificial. As shown on the beautiful face of Lee Hyori.

Look, her eyes are merely a pair of slanting eyes (despite that this is the typical face of Korean), meat piled on her face, and her gums were too visible. Perhaps, it's only her nose that looked not too flat or pug.

However, look at how She smiled broadly and how She expressed. She looks very happy, which makes the people who look at her face, just like you're doing this moment, carried away into a fun, making people smiling self. Right?.

And behold, with her big smile that seems very expressive, making Lee Hyori's face even looks cute. Maybe, She always thought that: "Everytime You smile at Someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing...", as posed by Mother Teresa.

She's Lee Hyori, a South Korean singer, who is also an Actor, Dancer, Model, and Designer. On May 10, 2010, Lee Hyori will be 31 years old.

Lee Hyori image source: South Korean K-Pop singer and actress Lee Hyori shooting a commercial in Soho, New York on Wikimedia authorized by Christopher Peterson.

Look At Evgenia Karahaliou Beautiful Face

Evgenia Karahaliou Beautiful Face
Here's the beautiful face style of a Greek woman, who dark-brown eyed, thick eyebrows, and dark brown hair too. Can be seen also, soft contours which adorn every curve on her face.

And She is Evgenia Karahaliou, a Miss Young International 2008, which seems the title was canceled. The term "Extreme Beauty" which is usually attached to a Miss Pageant, also seen on the face of Evgenia Karahaliou.

Look at the shape of each section on her face, every section looks proportional. From her chin, nose shape, jaw, eyes, and almost all of them. Proportionality that exists in every part of her face, which was termed by Extreme Beauty.

But all of that, is influenced by one element that is also very essential, it's her facial skin. Look at Evgenia Karahaliou face, its facial skin is so smooth and soft. Then, the beauty of her face increasingly looks amazing, with shades of brown make-up.

Unfortunately, not enough data to reveal, Who is actually a very beautiful looking woman who called Evgenia Karahaliou.

Image source: Evgenia Karahaliou on Flickr by Roland Jota.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Miranda Kerr's Exquisite Dimples

Miranda Kerr Exquisite DimplesMiranda Kerr Exquisite Dimples
Let's talk again about the beautiful face of Miranda Kerr. Besides the freshness of her face really looked, Miranda Kerr has another characteristic that is very cute on her face, namely, two dimples on her cheeks.

Miranda Kerr's dimples, has its own beautiful shape. Look, her dimples are not only shaped a spot on her cheek, but more than that, her dimples appear to form vertical lines, and its vertical lines, adding special texture on the face of Miranda Kerr. Where, her lined-dimples looks matched to her chin, quite simply, it makes Miranda Kerr's chin look like a "V", or an inverted isosceles triangle. And that's why, Miranda Kerr's dimples are perceived as Exquisite Dimples.
Miranda Kerr Exquisite DimplesMiranda Kerr Exquisite Dimples
And about dimples, most dimples are actually caused by a birth defect, which just goes to show you that not all malformations are actually bad.

In addition, dimples are a genetic trait which is dominant. It means, the Exquisite Dimples of Miranda Kerr that highly visible, is a genetically from both of her parents, John Kerr and Therese Kerr. However, are they also dimpled?.

Image sources: Miranda Kerr on's Gallery and Darkangel's Gallery on Picasa Web Albums.

Maria Menounos Beautiful Face In Shade Of Brown

Maria Menounos Beautiful Face In Shade Of Brown
It's a picture of Maria Menounos when visiting US Troops serving in Southwest Asia during an Ambassadors of Hollywood Tour, at Camp As Sayliyah, Qatar, March 11, 2008. At that time, She visited along with Kelly Hu.

Just as shades of brown facial beauty which is shown by Catherine Zeta-Jones, Maria Menounos also looks so stunning in the same nuance, shade of brown.

Look, everything exudes the charm of brown color, from eye color, mascara, eyelash, eyebrow and hair color. Those brown shades, making the beautiful face of Maria Menounos looked more mature and humble. Mainly from the glow of her eyes that looked so clear.

Look At Catherine Zeta-Jones Beautiful Face

Catherine Zeta-Jones Beautiful Face On Entertainment Weekly 21 March 2003Catherine Zeta-Jones Beautiful Face
She's a Catholic, She's a mother of two children from her marriage with Michael Douglas, She's an Elena (De La Vega) Montero in the Mask of Zorro which unleash her name all over the world, and She's also a 41-year-old woman which has a face that is truly beautiful. Even if the opinion may be subjective, her face is more beautiful than a Hollywood celebrity whose name is in the peak of fame, that is Megan Fox.

She is Catherine Zeta-Jones (with hyphen), who has a mixture facial beauty of Welsh-Irish. Previously, it needs to state again that She had two children.

Let's look at her beautiful face, the top picture is a cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine, edition of March 21, 2003. That is, Catherine Zeta-Jones was nearly 34 years old (born on 25 September, 1969). An age that, actually, it raises the real beauty of a woman who has grown up and mature minded.

Despite that it was only a magazine cover, which is very possible to deliberately create a beautiful look, but anyway, original features on Catherine Zeta-Jones face remains a fundamental factor or element. And look, its features are still very visible.

First feature is the lips shape of Catherine Zeta-Jones. Just look (top image), the side edges look firm, on the upper lip, exist a good indentation in the middle. While the lower lip seems to hang. Compare it with lips of the Rolling Stones symbol.

Second is the eye color of Catherine Zeta-Jones, hue color of her eyes, looked lovely transparent in brown, and translucent. Her eye color (as one of her beauty charms) used as a groundwork for color hue of her eyeshadow, eyelash, eyebrows, and hair. Then just look at the result on top image, it appears a beautiful face with classy shades of brown, which collided with sexy red shade on her lips.

The third is Catherine Zeta-Jones facial skin, look at her face with a somewhat minimal makeup on the lower image above, her skin looks clean and spotless, click the image, so the subtlety skin will look clearer.

Fourthly, the feature on her chin, her jaw, and her forehead also has a smooth complexion. A section that looks ordinary on her beautiful face is only her nose shape (lower image above), while Catherine Zeta-Jones hairstyle quite correspond to her face shape, which already has many wonderful features.

Image sources: Entertainment Weekly March 2003 on Flickr by Boliyou and Catherine Zeta-Jones at the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year Parade, Cambridge, MA, on Wikimedia, by John Harrison.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Ashley Greene's Mistake Make Up And Hairstyle

It's Ashley Greene, who plays Alice Cullen in the Twilight series. She was also a girl who loves to surf. Look, it must be admitted that She had a beautiful face. Besides that, if viewed at Ashley Greene face from the front, She has a nose that could be called petite (cute). The shape or feature of her nose does not have a widened nasal cavity or stretchy. Conversely, its shape looks exquisite and certainly, proportional to her face shape.

However, it seems there is something wrong at the finery of her face. I am not an expert on make-up or hair styling, but at least can catch some errors on the make-up of Ashley Green's face.
Ashley Greene's Mistake Make Up And HairstyleAshley Greene's Mistake Make Up And Hairstyle
A long hairstyle, which seems, made waves with a little roll, making Asher (her nick name) seems to be old. Perhaps the purpose of this hair style, is to fit her agenda which is Ashley Greene's birthday celebration one year ago, so her hairstyle looks a bit formal. But look at her, and give your own assessment, is not it more worthy to be regarded as wrong make-up?.

Worse yet, Why Ashley Greene wants to use that bright red lipstick?. Quite simply, the color of its lipstick makes Asher look like a witch. Look, her beauty a bit faded.

Perceiving The Eye Color Of Aishwarya Rai

Aishwarya Rai Beautiful FaceAishwarya Rai Beautiful Face
Aishwarya Rai facial beauty has always been an interesting topic to be discussed, a lot of beauty and lifestyle magazines often publish articles in which the Aishwarya Rai facial beauty serve as an example of facial beauty treatment.

The main enchantment of Aishwarya Rai facial beauty itself, lies in her big shiny eyes. Most people say that the eyes of Aishwarya Rai is the most beautiful in the world. Aishwarya Rai self has a very noble plan, which She will donate her big beautiful eyes after her death. But did you know, what exactly is the color of her eyes?.

Most of party stating that Aishwarya Rai eye color is Green-blue, there are also the states, it's Hazel. So, which statement is correct?, Let's try to find the true color of Eyes-warya Rai eyes.

Please note that determines or perceives the color of someone's eyes, is influenced by at least two factors:

1. External Factor
Perceive the color of someone's eyes, depending on the factor of light and surrounding hues, and beyond these two factors can make someone's eye color can appear quite different (Wikipedia's eye color)

2. Internal Factor
This is very fundamental and very scientific factor, that, eye color is always growing and changing. Where, Iris is the most colorful part of the eye, which has a pigment that determines eye color (Allaboutvision's eye color).

Then, to determine the eye color of Aishwarya Rai should refer or pay attention to above two factors.

First, look closely at the Pupil (a small circle at the most center of the eye), Aishwarya Rai's eye pupils have a black color. Then, around the pupil, there is a spread spectrum with a brown color. After that, look at the most vital part, i.e. the Iris. Aishwarya Rai's eye iris is clearly dominated by green color, where, this is one of typicals of South Asian.
Aishwarya Rai EyesAishwarya Rai EyesHazel Eye
Thus, it happens a mixture of green color on the Iris, with a spectrum of brown around the pupil. These indicators point to a mixture of eye color is called, Hazel eye (Compare to the Hazel eye of Wikipedia). And indeed, sometimes Aishwarya Rai eyes was green-blue, because, so many factors that influence the eye color.

This post is just as a simple insight, that does not provide absolute answer of what color on the eyes of Aishwarya Rai. The answer is far more relevant and true, just by asking to eye experts or specialists.

Image sources: Aishwarya Rai spring fever Cannes on Flickr by nicole rivera14, vaibhavvv's Gallery on Picasa Web Albums, Hazel eye on Wikipedia.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Talking The Long Blonde Hairstyle Of Doutzen Kroes

Doutzen Kroes Long Blonde Hairstyle
Doutzen Kroes, the Angel from Netherland, seem to really like her long blonde hairstyle, which is perched elegantly on her head. She who had been endowed by God with a face shape which is a dream of all women, which is oval, looking very comfortable with her long blonde hairstyle.

It seems true that the long hairstyle, providing many benefits for women who choose and use it. There are at least two basic impression that is implied from a long hairstyle, namely:

1. Have a more feminine impression
2. Having a lot of aesthetic value, such as: the grace, the elegance, and others.

But, a long hairstyle will also make the woman became troublesome for treatment.

Especially for a super model such as Doutzen Kroes, the long hairstyle makes Doutzen Kroes has more space to explore all her capabilities in its expression or pose. It's a smart hairstyle choice, Doutzy!.

Look, her long hairstyle makes the left hand of Doutzen Kroes, to have a role to pose. And it will make the result of photo shoot, will look more vivid or expressive. Above image is a photo shoot of Doutzen Kroes in St. Barths for Victoria’s Secret, in December 2009.

Image source: Doutzen Kroes in St. Barths for Victoria’s Secret, December 2009 on Fever of Fate.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Look At Olivia Palermo Beautiful Face

Olivia Palermo Beautiful Face With Smooth Facial Skin
Possibly, She was a person who will restore reputation of the Socialites, behind the fame of a socialite called Paris Hilton, the socialite's reputation seems to come down. She is Olivia Palermo, an American socialite, who was born on February 28, 1986. Rich (of course!), Beautiful, and She's got a pretty smile with dimples that appear on her soft cheeks. Which man did not like Olivia?.

What does that make Olivia Palermo face looked so beautiful?, the most visible on her face is, her white, clean and without spots face skin. Just click the image to enlarge, it will show how delicate is Olivia Palermo facial skin. Apparently, She was caring for her skin regularly.

Next is her hair style, it looks like Olivia Palermo is smart in choosing the right hairstyle for her face shape. With long blonde hairstyle, She looked so elegant and so feminine. Look, She seems to make a dark brown color on the iris of her eye, as a base for hair color and eyebrows. The hair, eyebrows and eyes, all have a brown color as a primary color. Thus, there is a beautiful harmony on her face, and it really felt from those three elements.
Olivia Palermo Long Blonde Hairstyle
Then what face shape, as a basic element of a beautiful face, which is owned by Olivia Palermo?. With almost the same width at her forehead, jaw line, and the outer vertical lines on her two cheeks, then Olivia Palermo has a round face shape, where, its curved gently on her forehead as the most basic element.

Sometimes, her face becomes a square shape because it is influenced by her strong jaw line. And if You look at her chin which sometimes seem narrower and pointed, Olivia Palermo also has a heart face shape. However, the most dominant is her round face shape.

Actually, Olivia Palermo has a beautiful face that is just standard. But all of that could be eliminated by her facial skin that is very smooth, clean and spotless.

Olivia Palermo image source: Olivia Palermo in June 2009 on Wikimedia by Porter Hovey Photography.

Look At Michelle Pfeiffer Beautiful Face

Michelle Pfeiffer Beautiful FaceMichelle Pfeiffer Beautiful FaceMichelle Pfeiffer Beautiful FaceMichelle Pfeiffer Beautiful FaceMichelle Pfeiffer Beautiful Long Wavy Hairstyle
Take a note of this: in nine days, or more precisely on 29 April 2010, She will even more than a half century old, or 52 years. That is, She has a much older age than other big names such as Salma Hayek and Nicole Kidman. But look, her facial beauty charm is still very visible, especially her sparkle blue eyes.

Michelle Marie Pfeiffer, is an actress who often plays for big films, such as The Fabulous Baker Boys, Dangerous Liaisons, The Age of Innocence, Up Close & Personal, and others. However, Michelle Pfeiffer has never won an Oscar, despite having been nominated three times. It's unfortunate.

As already mentioned, Michelle Pfeiffer had eyes sparkling with the sensation that could melt hearts of men. If the eyes of Michelle Pfeiffer viewed from a distance, its sensation has not been felt, however, the closer increasingly felt its sensation. Could be, because of her sparkle blue eyes, which makes Michelle Pfeiffer asked to be a Catwoman and Wolf.

She also typical of a beautiful-looking woman who is faithful to her hair color, which is blonde, in the 90's, there are many people who admire to her hairstyle. At the time Michelle Pfeiffer attended the Cinema Society screening of Cheri in New York, on Tuesday, June 16, 2009, She is still with her blonde hair. Look, classic beauty on her face is still reflected on her long wavy hairstyle (5th image from top), which also seemed to match to her eyebrows color.

There are many unique features on Michelle Pfeiffer beautiful face. First, when viewed frontally, She has a chin that narrows if it drawn from two angles on her jaw. And of course, it makes Michelle Pfeiffer's chin has a comely pointed shape.

Secondly, She has a face shape, which makes her face always has a balanced proportion, though her body is fat. It is strongly influenced by a strong jaw line and chin pointed at her face (at top image). And with forehead measurement which looks more wide, Michelle Pfeiffer beautiful face is a type of heart-shaped face.

The third represents the most typical on her beautiful face, which is her lips shape. Clearly, She has a cute or a small lips shape, but it is not her true distinctiveness or uniqueness. But more on How does Michelle Pfeiffer's lips shaped?. It's hard to describe this, but look at it more carefully, the shape of Michelle Pfeiffer's lips seemed to reflect an utterance of a word: "Pfeiffer", with three-letter F.

Want to have a lips shape as beautiful as her lips?, Say it: "Pfeiffer ...!". As People magazine said, She's Unstoppable.
Michelle Pfeiffer Beautiful FaceMichelle Pfeiffer Beautiful FaceMichelle Pfeiffer Beautiful FaceMichelle Pfeiffer Beautiful Face
Michelle Pfeiffer image sources: at the 62nd Annual Academy Awards 1990 and at the Emmy Awards 1994 by Alan Light, Michelle Pfeiffer on Flickr by Elysson de Castro, at the Cinema Society screening of Cheri in New York, June 2009 on Flickr by Current News Stories.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Look At Andrea Corr Beautiful Face

Andrea Corr Beautiful FaceAndrea Corr Beautiful FaceAndrea Corr Beautiful Face
What is the difference between the beauty of a singer's face with the beauty of an actress's face?. The difference lies at the charm that radiated on its face. Enchantment of the beauty of a singer's face, usually felt more strongly than enchantment of the beauty of an actress's face.

Do you remember the face of Dolores O'Riordan?, the face of the Cranberries's lead singer is looked mediocre, and even tends to ugly. But, millions of people idolized her, and also, they say that Dolores O'Riordan's face is beautiful. Why is this so?, one of them is because, Dolores O'Riordan is a woman who has a great talent and smart in creating songs with themes that touch the human heart. And great personality that She has, is very radiated on her face, so, it makes her face look beautiful.

Moreover, if the woman was Andrea Jane Corr, the lead singer of the Corrs, which is basically already have a beautiful face outwardly. Then, there was a woman with a beautiful face that really makes every man to fall in love with her. One more thing, Andrea Corr is a member of the Order of the British Empire. That's beautiful!.

Let's look at her beautiful face, one of characteristics possessed by Andrea Corr is her hair color, She was so fond of black hairstyle. This element combines harmoniously with her white and fresh skin on her face. She also more often seen with black and dark eyeshadow around her brown eyes. Could be, the black is her favorite color. Look, She seems to scrawl a black pencil on her eyebrows. Indeed, the black makes Andrea Corr beautiful face looks shady and powerful. But it also makes her seem old-fashioned (conservative).

What is the face shape of Andrea Corr?, look at four-point, i.e. on her forehead, chin, right cheek and left cheek. Then, pull the center line both vertically and horizontally. Compare the length, both have nearly the same length. With the forehead's right-left outer line which looks tilted vertically, and also on her jaw, so that Andrea Corr has a diamond-shaped face in combination of a slightly square.

That is, her face shape is suitable for a hairstyle with combed split the middle. The trend, a diamond-shaped face, somewhat difficult to make a face to look beautiful (intrinsically).

So, which part on Andrea Corr's face, who looks beautiful?. Look, her nose was less sharp, but..., its nasal bone has a lovely straight line. Then, look also at Andrea Corr cheeks, She has cheeks that look soft, and when She smiled, showing an adorable bulge, exactly at the point of her zygomatic bone.

In addition, it appears tenderness and freshness on her facial skin. And the last is her lips shape, it is a sexy patterned lips. Especially, when She was blowing her flute on a concert. She's talented and beautiful.
Andrea Corr Beautiful FaceAndrea Corr Beautiful Face
Andrea Corr image sources: Andrea Corr on Arte y Fotografia by Andres Arranz, at Glastonbury Festival, June 27, 1999 on Wikimedia by Charlie Brewer, at the Corrs Live in Paris, Circa 1997 on Wikimedia by Claude-Étienne Armingaud and The Corrs - Borrowed Heaven on Flickr by Nguyễn Ðình Quân.