Friday, April 23, 2010

Look At Catherine Zeta-Jones Beautiful Face

Catherine Zeta-Jones Beautiful Face On Entertainment Weekly 21 March 2003Catherine Zeta-Jones Beautiful Face
She's a Catholic, She's a mother of two children from her marriage with Michael Douglas, She's an Elena (De La Vega) Montero in the Mask of Zorro which unleash her name all over the world, and She's also a 41-year-old woman which has a face that is truly beautiful. Even if the opinion may be subjective, her face is more beautiful than a Hollywood celebrity whose name is in the peak of fame, that is Megan Fox.

She is Catherine Zeta-Jones (with hyphen), who has a mixture facial beauty of Welsh-Irish. Previously, it needs to state again that She had two children.

Let's look at her beautiful face, the top picture is a cover of Entertainment Weekly magazine, edition of March 21, 2003. That is, Catherine Zeta-Jones was nearly 34 years old (born on 25 September, 1969). An age that, actually, it raises the real beauty of a woman who has grown up and mature minded.

Despite that it was only a magazine cover, which is very possible to deliberately create a beautiful look, but anyway, original features on Catherine Zeta-Jones face remains a fundamental factor or element. And look, its features are still very visible.

First feature is the lips shape of Catherine Zeta-Jones. Just look (top image), the side edges look firm, on the upper lip, exist a good indentation in the middle. While the lower lip seems to hang. Compare it with lips of the Rolling Stones symbol.

Second is the eye color of Catherine Zeta-Jones, hue color of her eyes, looked lovely transparent in brown, and translucent. Her eye color (as one of her beauty charms) used as a groundwork for color hue of her eyeshadow, eyelash, eyebrows, and hair. Then just look at the result on top image, it appears a beautiful face with classy shades of brown, which collided with sexy red shade on her lips.

The third is Catherine Zeta-Jones facial skin, look at her face with a somewhat minimal makeup on the lower image above, her skin looks clean and spotless, click the image, so the subtlety skin will look clearer.

Fourthly, the feature on her chin, her jaw, and her forehead also has a smooth complexion. A section that looks ordinary on her beautiful face is only her nose shape (lower image above), while Catherine Zeta-Jones hairstyle quite correspond to her face shape, which already has many wonderful features.

Image sources: Entertainment Weekly March 2003 on Flickr by Boliyou and Catherine Zeta-Jones at the Hasty Pudding Woman of the Year Parade, Cambridge, MA, on Wikimedia, by John Harrison.


  1. Catherine's beautiful. She's got a shape that's between a skinny and a long heart, all-in-all, a regular heart. Just draw a small slanted dash pointing bottom right and connect the same slash going up, but a little smaller and then finish the shape by connect vertical lines going up on each slash.

  2. Catherine Zeta Jones is the most beautiful women i have ever seen.She is natural Beauty ,everthing (Lips,Eyes,Nose) on her is perfect .
    She has beautiful feautres .


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