Friday, April 2, 2010

Look At Tiiu Kuik Beautiful Face

Still remember with a small country named Namibia?, but although small, this country has led to a famous top model, Behati Prinsloo. And after Namibia with Behati Prinsloo, this time, there is another small country, which also reveals a woman with Beautiful Face, ie Estonia, a country whose population is only 1,340,021. Then, Who is this Estonian beautiful face?. Say it slowly this name, Tiiu Kuik. A name that is a bit weird is not it?, with a combination of only four letters that be inverted: T, I, U and K. But look, Is her face also weird?. No, it's absolutely not.

Let's take a look at Tiiu Kuik beautiful face. The first scene that can be captured clearly by the eye, is Tiiu Kuik long dark brown hairstyle. Just look at How her hair loose and swinging, along with Tiiu Kuik's face that was turned aside. And if, one of the measurement of facial beauty is The extent to which a hair style to give a balanced proportion to its face, then Tiiu Kuik with her lovely long hair style is an answer. Where, Tiiu Kuik beautiful face also has a minimalist feel.
Look At Tiiu Kuik Beautiful FaceTiiu Kuik Beautiful Face In Long Hairstyle
Now switch to a face part, which is closest to the hair of Tiiu Kuik, ie Tiiu Kuik's forehead. Actually, Tiiu Kuik has a broad forehead which is more dominant on the height dimension than its width, it will be very visible if Tiiu Kuik's hair was tied and pulled backwards. So that, She'll look more mature and graceful with her hair let loose a little over her high forehead. In addition, Tiiu Kuik high forehead indicates intelligence, where in China it denotes good luck.

Also, its high forehead affected by Tiiu Kuik's eyebrows which is very thin, even looked hairless. Thus eliminating the breadth of forehead-dimensional limit, usually, its limit will be clearly visible with normal or thick eyebrows. And, do You know what it means?, Type of eyebrows like this, indicates fussiness.

Look closely, Tiiu Kuik has a face that can be said is similar to Kristin Kreuk beautiful face. Both have a beautiful face which looks Cute, it's caused by sections of facial anatomy which has small dimensions. Look at the shape of her lips, nose, chin and cheeks. Everything has a Small proportion, but still within very normal levels, in a sense, Proportionate. And it's all very well balanced to Tiiu Kuik face shape.

From all parts on its face that described as "Small dimensions", Tiiu Kuik has an Enchantment pledge, that is on her mouth, more precisely, Tiiu Kuik's lips shape. Just look, It's jutted out with so cute and adorable. Uniquely, when her mouth slightly agape, Tiiu Kuik's lips shape turned into a Sexy look.

Like most Europeans, Tiiu Kuik has eye with color combination between dark golden-green and light brown, or also called Hazel eyes.

And what actually is Tiiu Kuik face shape?, despite much debate about face shapes, Tiiu Kuik is more likely to have a square face shape. Which is the most obvious feature is her squared jawline. It is also affected by her chin, which looked flat horizontally. While her jawline and cheekbones are all about the same width (and this frontal view image shows Tiiu Kuik's square face shape).

The combination of Tiiu Kuik face shape, more inclined to an oval-shaped (her forehead is a bit wider than her chin ) and oblong. After all, She's a ravishing beautiful face, Tiiu Kuik, who on March 16, 2010, She celebrated her 23rd birthday.

Image source: Estonian model Tiiu Kuik in Bryant Park during the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week show in New York City on Wikimedia.commons by Christopher Peterson.


  1. AnonymousJuly 06, 2015

    She looks great.

  2. AnonymousJuly 06, 2015

    I found you while looking for people with hair on their forehead. I think for sure I have hairs coming in. I didn't have to do it, but I put honey and pee on my forehead. It's gonna make me dizzier and sick if I don't wash it out cause I did it for a long time honey and water and when I put olive oil on my face I glow white. So I would want a glowing white diagonal slash on my forehead + platinum blond buzzed bangs. Usually Rin okumura blue hair similar to his hair with the hair I have now which I'm growing thicker. Also waterfall blue beard and makes a real blue waterfall or shield + second beard on top chin and cheeks hair to grow in strings and thicken out I can do a wind shift beard to the side. Movies in 3 years start making. I can do dreads up out and down on top of hair I call it cloudstrife hair + cloud behind ear blue and white. + Sky blue sclera and working on blue eyes. Bize size nose pending and going to smile wide and show all my teeth, slim face, most handsome.

  3. AnonymousJuly 06, 2015

    They really get down to it about the way this woman looks. I'm 30. I worked since 15 most of my life before medication.


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