Monday, April 12, 2010

Interlude: Korean Girl Facial Beauty

Korean Girl Facial Beauty Characteristics
Assessing the Beauty of a Woman's face is indeed a subjective thing, but at least, there are universal standards that the value of its truth can be recognized or accepted by the human sense. And once again, some of these universal standards are the proportion of face and the uniqueness inherent to its face.

Look at the beautiful face of above Korean girl, if this Korean girl's face compared to the face of two women who many people refer to as the two most beautiful women in the world, they're Aishwarya Rai and Angelina Jolie, then many people will say: "This Korean girl's face is clearly less beautiful than their face...".

But it really does not mean that this Korean girl's face is not beautiful. Why is that?, because, She has uniqueness that are inherent on her face, and these inherent uniqueness are indirectly lead to the facial characteristics of Korean people (features).

As these characteristics are the following:
1. Small eyes (slanted)
2. Thin eyebrows (sparse)
3. Small pupils
4. Non-double eyelids
5. Small nose (pug)
6. Small lips
7. Top of the forehead with round curved line
8. Yellow facial skin (looked a little pale)
9. And other main facial characteristics.
(learn more on Physical Anthropology: Faces of Koreans).

So the meaning is, the characteristics of Korean girl's face has become Distinctly Unique Aesthetic (which are mostly have small measurement), Likewise: Aussies or Australians who had green eyes, blue-eyed Greeks, Southeast Asians who had black hair, and more. All are unique.

Then a more universal standard of facial beauty is, How does the uniqueness of Korean girl's face combined proportionately between each part of its face. As simple examples: the face of Korean girl above, would be not or less beautiful, if, She has thick or big lips like the lips of Angelina Jolie, or She has big eyes like Aishwarya Rai's eyes.

So it can be said that, the Facial Beauty of Korean Girl will be visible if all features on its face has the Right Proportion. But most of all, one fundamental thing that can be seen clearly on the face of Korean girl above is that her facial skin is very smooth and clean. And actually, it is the most universal standard for a facial beauty, on whatever the ethnicity.


  1. AnonymousJuly 11, 2010

    I speak for all races. This is not typical. You are being stereotypical. Let's say this, a white person's "typical beauty" what is it blonde hair and blue eyes?? Clearly not.
    There are Koreans who have large eyes, not slanted, many quite exotic in a sense..,many have such full lips, many do have this sun kissed bronze tan, many have different tones of hair color surprisingly ranging from an ash brown to black hair with blue tones in it, and every point you have listed can be faulted. Do not compare the profile picture to Angelina Jolie and etc. If they weren't famous, you would have nothing to compare to. If this was the case of women from India, now how would you compare about black people do you list black colored skin, thick (some may put a rude stereotypical word starting with an "n") lips, curly hair...what about Mexicans and Hispanics? Who would be the second on the list that in YOUR opinion (or the misleading statement of "many") are "beautiful"? Now if you aren't Janice Dickinson with her abrasive personality and cutting remarks or the famous Jay Manuel who really knows what he's saying with considerations, knowledge, and experiences of being opened to the world of beauties well...
    This is a very interesting "blog" but let's not be stereotypical. I speak for all races.

  2. AnonymousJuly 11, 2010

    I found this assessment kind of hypocritical, because I had just read your assessment of Emmanuelle Chriqui.

    You called Emmanuelle beautiful and praised her for some of the characteristics you seem to condemn.

    1. Small eyes (slanted): Emmannuelle has these.
    2. Thin eyebrows (sparse): Emmanuelle has these.
    3. Small pupils: Emmanuelle has these.
    4. Non-double eyelids
    5. Small nose (pug)
    6. Small lips: Emmanuelle has these. I quote you, "thin and cute."
    7. Top of the forehead with round curved line: Emmanuelle has this.
    8. Yellow facial skin (looked a little pale)
    9. And other main facial characteristics.

    So as you can see, it's funny that you stereotype Koreans like this because western people like Emmanuelle have them too. This Korean girl shares many, many traits with Emmanuelle, down to her oval face shape. So why did you praise Emmanuelle for being the typical "beautiful" woman, but call this girl beautiful only through her "unique" characteristics?

  3. i am Korean American. My mother is full blooded Korean. I found this blog you posted rather ignorant. All asians are different. we can not be grouped against Angelina or Whatever her name was the Indian Model. Whatever race is out there they will have attractive and not so attractive alike. Personally i have found People perfer Asian women because of their baby looking appeal compared to some used up looking false model who has had nips and tucks. btw My mom was hot and not pug nosed.

  4. who is that girl??? her name please??? shes beautiful!! i mean it


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