Sunday, April 4, 2010

Look At Sandra Bullock Beautiful Face

There was a great guest this time, She was an adorable Lucy in Speed, She is also a Miss Congeniality and the last is, She was Leigh Anne Tuohy in The Blind Side. And for The Blind Side, She even won an Oscar for Best Actress category. She is a really great guest. Announces the latest news, Sandra Bullock hit by the curse of the Oscar, because of its relationship with Jesse James on the verge of divorce.

Born with the full name Sandra Annette Bullock on July 26, 1964, Sandra also includes a generous actress, most recently She donated 1 million dollars for Haiti earthquake disaster. So, She's really beautiful woman.
Sandra Bullock Beautiful FaceSandra Bullock Beautiful Face
One characteristic that is owned by Sandra Bullock is, perhaps it was predictable, the way Sandra Bullock smiled. Her smile is one of the most beautiful in Hollywood, each time Sandra Bullock doing it, which emerged from Sandra Bullock beautiful face is always a big smile, loose, really cheerful but still shows a shades of decency.

Her particularities smile, looks more perfect because of its teeth neatly lined up. If it were subjected to surveillance, the shape of Sandra Bullock lips and / or mouth, it is suitable for a big smile. Almost certainly, every time people thought about the figure of Sandra Bullock, who remember is Sandra Bullock's big smile.

And what is Sandra Bullock face shape?, basically, Sandra Bullock has a square shaped face. Just look at her beautiful face, the width of Sandra Bullock's jaw line, cheekbones and forehead, are almost equal. Then, with its square face shape, Sandra Bullock should be avoided thick bangs.

What about Sandra Bullock's nose?, if the senses of vision still functions well, Look at the bottom pic, Sandra Bullock has a little too sharp-edged nose. Plus, there is a little bump in the middle of her nasal bone. If only the bump was not there, oh, She'll be looked more beautiful. Most interestingly was, a very sharp nose denotes the woman, if married, a plague to her husband (Jesse James should read this).

Well, now talk about Sandra Bullock's eyes. Have heard that, beautiful eyes are brown eyes?. Behold, She had it. Yes, Sandra Bullock's eyes are definitely brown (as owned by Bea Alonzo), it means, Sandra Bullock is a generous woman and noble. Do You remember with 1 million dollars that She donated for Haiti?.

Unfortunately, Sandra Bullock has a chin and eyebrows that looked ordinary. Maybe a little note for her eyebrows, just look at her face on top picture, a brown color on Sandra Bullock's eyebrows, strengthening the brown shades in line with the color of her hairstyle and eye color. Moreover, brown color can be found in the earth, wood and stone. That is, it's natural and it's just Down-to-Earth. And Sandra Bullock is also a cleft-chinned woman.


  1. I noticed Sandra has very wide features. They suit her perfectly. She's beautiful. Everytime I tried to draw Nicole Kidman, it ended up looking like Sandra Bullock. They're both beautiful and have similar features, watch Practical Magic, then tell me they don't. Honestly I think Kidman's prettier as in barbie prettier, but Bullock's more of a natural beauty. She's got a well defined square face.If I had a daughter with Josh Hutcherson, it would look like Sandra Bullock. We both have wide features and dark hair.

  2. She is the most beautiful women i had seen.

  3. AnonymousJuly 23, 2014

    Well let's see...her makeup is nice, has got nice caps on her teeth and has a nice figure.

  4. The cleft of her chin defines her square face shape and her personality very well and her personality being like those qualities altogether-it defines who she is. She is pretty inside and out and has a humor to boot. I never get tired of watching Two Weeks Notice and While You Were Sleeping. Also, those flicks goes to show she is a natural beauty, not wearing much makeup.


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