Saturday, April 24, 2010

Look At Evgenia Karahaliou Beautiful Face

Evgenia Karahaliou Beautiful Face
Here's the beautiful face style of a Greek woman, who dark-brown eyed, thick eyebrows, and dark brown hair too. Can be seen also, soft contours which adorn every curve on her face.

And She is Evgenia Karahaliou, a Miss Young International 2008, which seems the title was canceled. The term "Extreme Beauty" which is usually attached to a Miss Pageant, also seen on the face of Evgenia Karahaliou.

Look at the shape of each section on her face, every section looks proportional. From her chin, nose shape, jaw, eyes, and almost all of them. Proportionality that exists in every part of her face, which was termed by Extreme Beauty.

But all of that, is influenced by one element that is also very essential, it's her facial skin. Look at Evgenia Karahaliou face, its facial skin is so smooth and soft. Then, the beauty of her face increasingly looks amazing, with shades of brown make-up.

Unfortunately, not enough data to reveal, Who is actually a very beautiful looking woman who called Evgenia Karahaliou.

Image source: Evgenia Karahaliou on Flickr by Roland Jota.

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