Monday, April 26, 2010

Jessica Alba And Her Lovely Expression And Smile

Jessica Alba And Her Lovely Expression And Smile
Do you still remember with the expression and smile of Lee Hyori?. Yea, with a smile, it will make people look more beautiful, sympathetic, friendly, and many other good impression. Hence, most people assume that a Smile is the Scent of Love.

Above is a picture of Jessica Alba when attending Comic Con in 2007 to promotes Good Luck Chuck. Once again, the smile gives a proof that a smile can make people really look beautiful. Look at her face, than it already has the ideal face shape for a woman's face, i.e. oval, Jessica Alba looks really enjoy being on the show to promote her Good Luck Chuck.

Observe carefully, it seems She was communicating with her interlocutors (who probably are the journalists). On her face, clearly implied how Albz mobilized all the capabilities to communicate. She looked so smart to use body language, which one of the most important things is to Smile.

Despite that the life of a celebrity is usually good, but it does not mean that the celebrity does not have a personal problem that complicated. Where, it will negatively affect the actualization to the public, especially to reporters and journalists. Just look at body language on the face of Jessica Alba, She looks so smart to play it. It is an intelligent acting, Sky Angel!.

Image Source: Jessica Alba attending Comic Con 2007 to promote Good Luck Chuck on Wikimedia, authorized by Lindsey8417.

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