Monday, April 26, 2010

Grace Kelly's Beautiful Face Speaks Better Than Words

As a proverb which says: "Music Speaks Better Than Words", apparently, it also applies to the beautiful face of Grace Kelly. 'm Not exaggerating, a lot of people who claimed that She has particularly beautiful face that is very original and natural. Both statements implicitly or explicitly.

In an age where everything can be engineered today, everything can be made to look beautiful. In terms of facial proportions, already a common thing when a female celebrity operated her lip shape (or other parts of face), to appear proportional to chin, cheek, or in general, so that is proportional to the face. Therefore, any features on her face could be seen in balance. But, maybe that's a small example of the evolving world of civilization and we can not deny that fact.
Grace Kelly Beautiful Face
Certainly it was predictable, the above is the Princess of Monaco, Grace Kelly. While today there are so many people gossiping or wondering about: Is Angelina Jolie, Kristin Kreuk, and other beautiful women have plastic surgery?, By contrast, today there are still many people who also gossiping about, like what exactly, the beautiful face owned by Grace Kelly?. Where, Grace Kelly is believed by many people, has a natural and beautiful face without plastic surgery.

It's hard to describe her beauty is not it?, the hard is that, Grace Kelly had died about 28 years ago. Look at her face above, if the face proportion is as a benchmark, She obviously already has. Look also at how her eyes looked, how her lips shaped, how her face shape seemed transformed from square to heart shaped, and also her nose shape.

All it really is, nice-looking features on her face, which is explained by itself about how amazing the beautiful face of Grace Kelly. Grace Kelly's Face Speaks Better Than Words.


  1. AnonymousJune 06, 2010

    That's not Grace Kelly. That's Lauren Bacall.

  2. No, you were right. That is Gracie.

  3. It is grace kelly shes beautiful


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