Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Look At Olivia Palermo Beautiful Face

Olivia Palermo Beautiful Face With Smooth Facial Skin
Possibly, She was a person who will restore reputation of the Socialites, behind the fame of a socialite called Paris Hilton, the socialite's reputation seems to come down. She is Olivia Palermo, an American socialite, who was born on February 28, 1986. Rich (of course!), Beautiful, and She's got a pretty smile with dimples that appear on her soft cheeks. Which man did not like Olivia?.

What does that make Olivia Palermo face looked so beautiful?, the most visible on her face is, her white, clean and without spots face skin. Just click the image to enlarge, it will show how delicate is Olivia Palermo facial skin. Apparently, She was caring for her skin regularly.

Next is her hair style, it looks like Olivia Palermo is smart in choosing the right hairstyle for her face shape. With long blonde hairstyle, She looked so elegant and so feminine. Look, She seems to make a dark brown color on the iris of her eye, as a base for hair color and eyebrows. The hair, eyebrows and eyes, all have a brown color as a primary color. Thus, there is a beautiful harmony on her face, and it really felt from those three elements.
Olivia Palermo Long Blonde Hairstyle
Then what face shape, as a basic element of a beautiful face, which is owned by Olivia Palermo?. With almost the same width at her forehead, jaw line, and the outer vertical lines on her two cheeks, then Olivia Palermo has a round face shape, where, its curved gently on her forehead as the most basic element.

Sometimes, her face becomes a square shape because it is influenced by her strong jaw line. And if You look at her chin which sometimes seem narrower and pointed, Olivia Palermo also has a heart face shape. However, the most dominant is her round face shape.

Actually, Olivia Palermo has a beautiful face that is just standard. But all of that could be eliminated by her facial skin that is very smooth, clean and spotless.

Olivia Palermo image source: Olivia Palermo in June 2009 on Wikimedia by Porter Hovey Photography.

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