Friday, April 9, 2010

Look At Tanith Belbin Beautiful Face

A woman who has a very beautiful face below, becomes a further proof that the Proportion of Face is a key element of facial beauty. Previously, it need to know that She was not a model, a miss beauty pageant or an actress. However, She has a walk of life that require special skills to integrate the agility, body strength and flexibility, intuition. And it is very close to the female side. Where all that, could produce a form of beauty. She is Tanith Jessica Louise Belbin, a Canadian-American Ice Dancer, an occupation that would make Tanith Belbin became well aware of what exactly beauty is?.
Tanith Belbin Beautiful FaceTanith Belbin Beautiful Face
Tanith Belbin Long HairstyleTanith Belbin Beautiful Face
Back to Tanith Belbin beautiful face. Was evident on her face (top image) that its face was a Divine Proportion, look, the first fit proportion is a combination of Tanith Belbin face shape with Tanith Belbin hair style, Tanith Belbin square-shaped face (as influenced by seemingly strong jaw line) looked so solid and harmonious to its long straight blonde hair style. With long straight hair left hanging on two sides of her jaw and cheek, clearly eliminates stiffness caused by jaw line that looked strong. Combination of those two basic elements, clearly makes Tanith Belbin face optimally looks beautiful.

It's despite the fact, that the face of Tanith Belbin on top image was thinner, which makes her jaw line become very visible. In addition, Tanith Belbin square-shaped face will be transformed into a round-shaped, if the face of Tanith Belbin was fat (look at her face on bottom image from photobucket). Although She also has a slightly pointed chin, but it's not so affect on its two basic face shapes, i.e square and round face shape.

Then look at Tanith Belbin eyebrows, with a little scraped and shaped curve, making the forehead of Tanith Belbin to look more broadly. Well, a fit proportion again on her beautiful face. Not only that, with eyebrows slightly scraped so as to appear thin line, also makes Tanith Belbin eyes to look bigger and reinforce its sparkle. Which actually, Tanith Belbin eye color is Blue.

Next, look at one by one on the features proportion of Tanith Belbin cheeks, nose, lips and chin. Which indeed, these four features are already included as divine proportion in individuals.

Just look more closely, it was clear that Tanith Belbin's nose pointed with exquisite. Then, the two parts of her lips do not look too thin, so that if Tanith Belbin was hush, radiates a prestigious facial beauty (top image). While her chin and cheeks, almost have similar characteristics, whereby when Tanith Belbin's face slightly fattened, arising a pointed chin and a lovely dimples on her cheeks (bottom image).

One interesting thing, if dimples emerged on its cheeks while smiling, it is an indication of a woman being liked by her husband.
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Tanith Belbin image sources: Photobucket and Tanith Belbin on Dave Hogg's photostream by Dave Hogg on Flickr.

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