Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Vanessa Hudgens and Her Cute Face

Vanessa Hudgens and Her Cute Face
This is Vanessa Hudgens's face that could make all of her fans are crazy about her. Despite that, very likely, this is the face of Vanessa Hudgens at the time She was a teenager, but look closely, it is a true cute face. Rarely, a celebrity who has the characteristics of a cute face like this.

It may be because Vanessa Hudgens is a girl who comes from five lineages: Irish, Native American, Spanish, Chinese, and Filipino. And She looks more cute, because, She also tied her hair with ribbons, and She posed with a smiling expression.

If observed, Vanessa Hudgens, actually has a face shape, as opposed to a characteristic of Cuteness. Cuteness is usually more synonymous to facial disproportionate. But behold, Vanessa Hudgens's face has a proportion that could be considered ideal. The only thing that seemed out of proportion (could mean, "Cute"), is her nose shape, that looked stretched at the center of her nasal bone and its cartilage. Meanwhile, other parts of her face, i.e. her chin, cheeks, jaw, eyebrows, eyes, and forehead, all looked proportional.

Then if it is Cuteness is more to a shape that is disproportionate, where is the Cuteness Charm on the face of Vanessa Hudgens above?. Her cuteness charms are:

1. Facial expression
In which She seemed to be smiling
2. Hairstyle
Where her hair was tied
3. Ribbons and bracelets (accessories)
Two-knacks that indeed, already has a cute characteristics
4. Style of her dress
Which She wore clothes that let her shoulders open
5. The way of Vanessa Hudgens in pose
With her head tilted, pressing her cheek on her shoulder, and a hand that seemed to be holding the neck, allowing the body language that has the cuteness charm.

But there is one interesting thing, that, Cuteness is distinct from Beauty.

Image source: Vanessa-Hudgens.p...'s Gallery on Picasa Web Album.


  1. AnonymousJune 05, 2010

    she is cute, buy i disagree.. cuteness is not disproportionate.. at all, i guess you get the meaning of the word all wrong!
    MAYBE babies look cute because their eyes are bigger, but that's not make a rule that cute is equal to disproportionate!

  2. she is not beautiful and cute at all


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