Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Interlude: What Exactly Is Being Said By God Through The Beautiful Face Of Woman?

Be honest at heart, that when looking at a beautiful face of woman, often brought on two opposite things. These two things or two points are:

1. Looking at her beautiful face in the shade of Love
2. Looking at her beautiful face in the shade of Lust

These two points, triggering the emergence of so many thoughts and or associations in the mind. Associations and or thoughts which are processed by the brain led to something called Desire. Desire is then controlled by the Heart.

Probably no need to discuss the second point. For it is known that second point would lead to evils.

Now choose the first point. The main term on the first point above is Love. Everyone knows how the taste of Love. Love makes people good at poetry, always smiling, generous, even a cause to always do good and truth.

And, behind everything that was shaded by the Love that is causing all the desire of virtue, there's only one thing, namely God. And it's true, Virtue is always tipped in God, or vice versa, God always comes down to Virtue.

So, What exactly is being said by God through the Beautiful Face of woman?. The answer is on How does human determine how to look at. When human determine the wise way such on the first point, namely in the shade of Love, then the human will find the answer. Where the answer is, Righteousness is the real thing being said by God through the Beautiful Face of woman.

And when a Man looked at a Woman's beautiful face in the shade of Love, his heart whispered: "I'll do anything for the good of her...".

This Interlude is highly subjective and it was made solely on the basis of reason and feeling alone, without reference to any faith perspective.

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