Thursday, March 25, 2010

Look At Doutzen Kroes Beautiful Face

Here She is, an Angel of Victoria's Secret, after Miranda Kerr with unique charm for her face shape, and Behati Prinsloo with her beautiful baby face, then now Doutzen Kroes has a beauty on her hair that was so elegant.
Doutzen Kroes Beautiful FaceDoutzen Kroes Beautiful Face and Her Lovely Hairstyle
Just look, with long hair in a straight blow dry style, She practically tells all women of how to maintain the hair as well as how to determine a suitable or matched hairstyle. And look at the hair strands that fall over the outside of her forehead and her right eye, that's so lovely and really represents the Feminine. That's main charm of Doutzen Kroes beautiful face.

Not only the hair, look also at the Harmonization arising from Doutzen Kroes blonde hair mixed with her glazy blue eyes, dark eyebrows and eyelash. It's absolutely an exquisite blend, is not it?, So worthy if Doutzen Kroes became one of Victoria's Secret Angels who often become the main focus of reporters and photographers, as recently happened at the Landmark Sunshine Cinema in New York City on Monday, March 17.

Then why does Doutzen Kroes look so beautiful?, What is actually her face shape?, Look, it seems it's a combination of an oval-shaped and oblong-shaped (her face is longer than it's wide with a long straight cheek line), where the more dominant is Doutzen Kroes's oval-shaped.

Did you know that there is a uniqueness on Doutzen Kroes beautiful face?, it's about her lips, but it's not her lips shape which is called as a uniqueness, but the body language that often appears on her face. Doutzen Kroen will be seen more beautiful and sexy with a slightly open mouth, Just look!. And, it may be that this is a separate intelligence possessed by Doutzen Kroes on How to appear beautiful to Public. Then She did it because of her lips shape is a thick-balanced, both the upper lip and lower lip.
Doutzen Kroes Beautiful FaceDoutzen Kroes Beautiful Face
Doutzen Kroes Beautiful Face
And what about her nose?, apparently it's not something that attractive or interesting, and the attractive one is prefer to her other face parts, namely her chin and jaw. Two elements that make her oval face looked more beautiful.

Lastly, Doutzen Kroes is a Dutch model who was born on January 23, 1985 in Eastermar, Netherlands.

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