Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Look At Angel Aquino Beautiful Face

In the not too distant future, could be around 4 or 5 years, Venezuela and India which are known by world in the Miss Universe pageant as two countries which have a lot of beautiful-looking women, will get an equivalent competitor. This country or competitor is Philippines. Is this something ridiculous?, it tends to No. Just try to look at Angel Locsin, Marian Rivera or maybe Bea Alonzo. At least those 3 beautiful women have smooth facial skin that are still looked natural. That's only 3 women, the fact is that Philippines still has a lot more, and one of those Pinoy's beautiful faces is Angel Aquino, a 37 years old actress, TV host and also, She was a model.
Angel Aquino Beautiful Face
Now look at Angel Aquino beautiful face, what did She have on its face?. She still maintains well one of female beauty typical of Southeast Asia, it was her hair color which is dominant with black. Look at the image below, Angel Aquino has an unbranched hair, it looks strong and straight down. As if She did not need a comb, because of her hair looks like combed by itself. And it also shows that the beauty of Southeast Asian women are more natural.
Angel Aquino Beautiful Face
Not only on her hair style, naturalness of Angel Aquino's beautiful face also obvious on her skin of face, eyebrows and nose shape (nasal bone). There is no impression that all that exists on her face were a result of plastic surgery.

And actually, if the beautiful face of Angel Aquino views in more detail, Angel Aquino has a face shape which was somewhat of less beautiful. It's an oblong-shaped face, and when viewed in frontal, too narrow nuances become very noticeable, both on Angel's forehead, jaw and chin. However, it can be balanced by all the things that have been mentioned above, that is the beauty of her black hair and her strong natural aspects-including Angel Aquino lips.

Angel Aquino image sources: Jimmy Davao photostream 1, photostream 2 on Flickr. Attribute to: Jimmy Davao.

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  1. yes. its true angel aquino is really pretty than ever even with out make up she's really an angel.


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