Sunday, March 7, 2010

Look At Stefanía Fernández Beautiful Face

Before talking about the Beautiful Face which appeared this time, may need to know that She comes from a country that always favored in the Miss Universe contest. The country is Venezuela, a country in northern South America with a population of 26,414,816, an amount that can be said is not large, but there are large beautiful women in Venezuela. This fact prove it: In a row, the beautiful face who won the Miss Universe for 2008 and 2009 are citizens of Venezuela, They are Dayana Mendoza and Stefania Fernández Krupij.

Stefania Fernández (born September 4, 1990) also won the title as the Best Face on Miss Universe 2009. Let's Look at Stefania Fernández Beautiful Face, What's on her face?, Look horizontally at a big smile on Stefania Fernández beautiful face, on her cheeks appeared a dimple, then if drawn into the center of her mouth, there is a neat row of her upper teeth between two parts of Stefania Fernández thin lips.
Stefanía Fernández Beautiful Face
When observed more closely, Look..., the upper lip of Stefania Fernández is very thin, making her upper teeth became the beauty center of Stefania Fernández big smile, which are perfectly complemented by the dimples on Stefania Fernández cheek. Perhaps, this is the element or aspect, which is the reason why Stefania Fernández won the Best Face. As Mother Teresa said: "Everytime you smile at someone, it is an action of love, a gift to that person, a beautiful thing...". And Stefania Fernández did it.
Stefanía Fernández Beautiful Face
Then, Look at Stefania Fernández hair, it's a thick and wavy long hair, which also a main aspect to the beautiful face of Stefania Fernández generally (if not wrong, now Stefania Fernández has new hairstyle).
Stefanía Fernández Beautiful Face
Which looks a little wedge is Stefania Fernández face shape, Look at her jaw and cheeks, She looks a bit chubby. While the contours of her nose and chin, can still be said the Value of Beauty is above average. Finally, look at under Stefania Fernández forehead and eyebrows, Stefania Fernández has a brown eye color, an eye color that is often regarded as one of the parameters of female beauty.

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