Monday, March 1, 2010

Look At Salma Hayek Beautiful Face

Could be, She's the one of most beautiful actresses who are over 40 years. She was also included as a top actress in Hollywood, but so far, She has never won an Oscar that it becomes ironic when it compared with her fame. Another news is that her role would be replaced by Carla Gugino, an actress who is "not more beautiful" than Salma Hayek, in the next Faster. Salma Valgarma Hayek Jiménez, that is the full name of Salma Hayek, who was born on September 2, 1966. So, the year of 2010 was the 44th for Salma age, could be the same age as your mother.
Salma Hayek Beautiful Face And Her Lovely Long Straight Hairstyle
Look at Salma Hayek Beautiful Face, She looks more beautiful with straight hair which was combed with a slit on the side (top image), rather than with a slit on the center that will only makes Salma Hayek looks like holding her head to avoid her hair that fall over her face. However, Salma Hayek straight black hair is still looks beautiful.
Salma Hayek Beautiful FaceSalma Hayek Beautiful Face
Back to Look at Salma Hayek's face, it was difficult to assess where is the less beautiful part on Salma's face, but there is a part that looked dominant or strong, it's Salma Hayek's jaw. Her jaw looks a little prominent than other parts. And her jaw is also a basic element that makes her face called as a Square face shape type. Although it's a square face, but look, the outside line contours of Salma Hayek face is still looks smooth. This was little different to the Square face shape of Emily Deschanel.

And this is the most favored by the Adams, it's about the lips of Salma Hayek. Look at Salma Hayek lips for yourself, her lips are a tiny element on her face, it will become very visible when Salma Hayek looked from the side, or when She grimaced.
Salma Hayek Beautiful FaceSalma Hayek Beautiful Face
Parts on Salma Hayek's face that are not necessary to look more closely are her broad forehead, her nose (it was certainly more beautiful than Rachel Weisz nose), and her chin. But all of those parts have Level of Proportionality that fits very perfectly on the face of Salma Hayek. Just imagine if Salma Hayek has a narrow forehead, it would be a very different look (the beautiful is less). Once again to remember, Beauty is about Proportionality.
Salma Hayek Beautiful FaceSalma Hayek Beautiful Face
Two more parts which are the charm of Salma Hayek's Beautiful Face, ie Salma Hayek's brown eyes and dark eyebrows that gave rise to a shady black shades (image with the green caption), and her broad cheeks with the skin that looks elegant and so smooth (2nd pic from the bottom). Well...,Salma Hayek is 44 years-old woman!.

Salma Hayek image sources: Salma Hayek Cannes 2005 on Wikimedia.commons by Jakob Montrasio on Flickr, Tiger Fenix's photostream tags salma on Flickr by Tiger Fenix, Poisonli's photostream tags salma on Flickr by Poisonli.


  1. Seeing Salma look so beautiful at 44 is so inspiring. I am 48 and have always tried to take care of myself, but I think the key to true beauty is happiness. If you are happy it will keep you younger than any physical things you can do to yourself.

  2. she is one of the most gorgeous lady i hv ever seen


  4. Not Only I also love her beautifull ears and nose


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