Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Look At Natalie Portman Beautiful Face

It's a little surprising, to find that the result of a poll on one of the most popular portals for men, AskMen, who put Megan Fox on Rank 11, while Natalie Portman was on Ranking 17. That is, if it refers to the result, Megan Fox is more desirable than Natalie Portman, who in reality, Natalie Portman's face is actually more beautiful. But it also gives a conclusion that the sexy body of Megan Fox is the element that is more desirable than Natalie Portman beautiful face.

An information that You (could be) just found out today is that Natalie Portman (born as Natalie Hershlag) was a Bachelor in the field of Psychology who graduated from the Harvard College, one of the leading colleges in the United States. So, She's a smart and beautiful girl. And later on June 9, Natalie Portman will be 29 years old.
Natalie Portman Beautiful Face
Look at Natalie Portman Beautiful Face, the smartness that is present in Natalie Portman, strongly implied in her sharp eyes beam, and it's really beautiful brown light colored eyes.
Natalie Portman Beautiful Face
What about Natalie Portman hair?, Oh..., her hair seemed too slight or thin, it may be the cause of her hair had been trimmed up a little bald, might as well, in order that her hair growth becomes more flourish or fertile. Despite the appearance of a bald, She's still beautiful, because Natalie Portman has a square face shape tends to round and oval, so that makes her beautiful face looks very symmetrical and proportional.
Natalie Portman Beautiful Face
But there is an uncomfortable part to be seen if You look at Natalie Portman wide forehead (Well, Harvard brain inside it), just look at bottom pic, appears a little bump on the side of her forehead. Did You find it? Yup, that's it. However, the bump is just an effect of body language that forms on Natalie Portman Beautiful Face. And this did not reduce the Beauty of Natalie's face.
Natalie Portman Beautiful Face
Look, Natalie Portman's lips would make other female celebrities became jealous to the Beauty of Natalie Portman's lips, which tend to Flat Tops. Behold, contours of her lips are balanced by the contour of her chin, cheeks and nose. It's just hard to describe the Beauty of Natalie Portman's face in Words. Look also at Natalie Portman's eyebrows, it thickness gives a perfect shade nuance on her eyes beam. Natalie Portman really has a Classy Beautiful Face.

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  1. She has a very wide somewhat round shape, almost square like older women who have played her mother in the past (Sarandon in Anywhere But Here, Field in Where the Heart Is). It is almost more oval like Winona Ryder's, but almost more square like Keira' Knightly's. I think Black Swan was the perfect role for her being very dark and mysterious like her sister, but more vulnerable and light too. She is very pretty whatever role being mysterious whether more lighter or darker, dramatic with her own unique shape.


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