Saturday, March 6, 2010

Look At Kurara Chibana Beautiful Face

Measurement of a Beautiful Face is almost and always identical with, among others, sharp nose and big eyes. But look at her face, She has something that seems to break the perception that has been mentioned earlier. She, Kurara Chibana, was a Japanese model and She was first runner-up on Miss Universe 2006. And She has the ability, which can say a great talent, what's that?, Kurara Chibana able to speak in 4 languages: Japanese, English, Spanish and French. What a smart and beautiful woman!.
Kurara Chibana Beautiful Face
Look at the Beautiful Face of this woman, who on March 27 will be 28 years old. Referring to what has been stated at the beginning of this post, Kurara Chibana did not have big eyes, but instead, She just has slanting eyes and a snub nose. Despite that those two elements are the physical characteristics of the Japanese, but Kurara Chibana has a face part which also includes as the physical characteristics of the Japanese, who have to say that it's something Truly Beautiful, is about Kurara Chibana hair!. Just look, her hair is very straight, smooth, and with flashing brown glow. The tenderness of her hair looked so graceful, so revealing an aroma of high decency inside the Kurara Chibana personality. And because of her hair too, which makes her nose and eyes into something unique and beautiful. So, her hair is the most fundamental element on Kurara Chibana Beautiful Face.
Kurara Chibana Beautiful Face and Her Soft-Smooth Long Straight Hair
Then if it need to talk about the color of Kurara Chibana eyes, She has eyes in a favorite color, ie Brown, or rather Dark Brown. But unfortunately, this Dark Brown was not so visible because her eyes are slanted. Another thing that clearly captured is when Kurara Chibana smile-just like on the top picture, is her chin. Look at the shape of her chin as She smiles, it's so cute and sweet, as sweet and cute as her tiny lips. This cute elements, become cheerful impressions that always appears on Kurara Chibana beautiful face.

But the pictures here are not clear enough to determine Kurara Chibana face shape (which is an oval into heart shaped caused by her prominent chin), because her face was covered by an amazing strands hair. And could be, Kurara Chibana's slanting eyes and a snub nose, is a reflection of the Characteristics of Oriental Beauty. Once again, just Look at Kurara Chibana beautiful hair. Here to look at another Japanese Facial Beauty.

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