Thursday, May 6, 2010

Look At Riyo Mori Beautiful Face

Riyo Mori Beautiful Face
Riyo Mori is the winner of Miss Universe 2007 from Japan, who is also a dance instructor, and She began dancing at age of 4 years. But unlike the movements in a dance that is usually soft, it turns out Riyo Mori has a protruding jaw, which looked strong. And it became one of the characteristics of Riyo Mori's facial beauty, who differ with the characteristics of facial beauty of Kurara Chibana (another Japanese contestant in the Miss Universe), which has more gentle or soft contours on her face. And also, Riyo Mori's jaw became a little different with the facial characteristics of Japanese people in general.

Because of her jaw factor, Riyo Mori's face can be categorized as a square-shaped face, which combine with heart-shaped, whereby, Riyo Mori has chin-jaw width, which is narrower than the width of forehead horizontally. Unlike her jaw, Riyo Mori's forehead and chin has a perimeter that looked more curved.

Riyo Mori is a lovely looking woman who is influenced by a long hairstyle, it's a shiny black. She might be thinking 7 times, if will be a short haircut. There is an interesting feature on her beautiful face, look, Riyo Mori's brown eye looking slightly oblique or not flat horizontally, so that it looked like the stretched letter V. And intelligently, Riyo Mori put dark eyeshadow on the outer edge of her two brown eyes. It builds a harmonious collaboration between: her slightly oblique eyes, eyebrows, and heart-shaped face.

As a Japanese woman, the charm of Riyo Mori's facial beauty is also reflected on her pug nose (just look at the center of her funny nasal bone). However, She did not have a small lip-like most Japanese women. Riyo Mori's face also looked nice with the two bumps that appeared on her cheek when She smiles.

Image source: Riyo Mori, Miss Universe 2007 and Hilary Cruz, Miss Teen USA 2007 on Wikimedia by Craig A. Hurst.

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