Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Beauty And Sensuality On Dayana Mendoza's Lips Shape

It's about Dayana Mendoza, and if You are a Venezuelan, very likely, You'd know who She is. Apparently, the Miss Universe 2008 from Venezuela has "Something" on her face, which was not much noticed by people. And "Something" on Dayana Mendoza's facial beauty, could be one of charms of her beauty.
Dayana Mendoza Beautiful Face
Dayana Mendoza Beautiful and Sensual LipsDayana Mendoza's Lovely Lip Cupid's Bow
Then, what is it?, this "Something" is about her lips shape. Just look closely, Dayana Mendoza's lips have a highly visible edge lines. The line of upper edge, shows clearly the shape of its cupid's bow. While the lower line edge, also making her lower lip, seemed to hang ideal and proportional. This is quite different from the shape of Angelina Jolie's lips, which seems excessive (or swollen) and far-out from the golden ratio's aspect.

In addition, the lips shape as a base which reflects the sensuality, can also be found on Dayana Mendoza's lips shape, without neglecting the aspect of beauty at all. Simply put, Dayana Mendoza's lips shape combines aspects of beauty and sensuality. Surely, many men who would like the lips shape as above.

Image source: Jorge Mejía's Photostream Under Tags Dayana on Flickr, Authorized by Jorge Mejía Peralta.

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