Sunday, May 16, 2010

Interpreting The People Interpretation On A Beautiful Face

"Misguided" interpretation of Beautiful Face, which progressively increases or continues to accumulate, in fact shows that the human intelligence capacity is increasing globally. 100 people can have quite different interpretations, but 100 people were also able to mutually recognize the truth and plausibility of each.

However, there is an interval for each person, which is the process to admit the truth of its interpretation. And this process requires timeframe varies from each person, but it will meet on one point: "Yes, You are correct that the Beautiful Face is...blah...blah...blah". Why is this so?, Because subjectivity in the interpretation of Beautiful Face is high. That is, the interpretation of Beautiful Face from someone, actually, will be understood or recognized by others.

Then, where is the existence of such subjectivity?, Its existence is in thought and feeling. Where, good (see: suitable and accurate) thought and feeling is very dependent on intelligence (IQ) and emotional quotient (EQ). Two variables that are opposites, but also has aspects that are closely related. And certainly, IQ and EQ of each person is to have different capacities, so that finally led to a Beautiful Face interpretation, which is different.

A wealthy businessman might have concluded that Angelina Jolie's face is beautiful, but on the contrary a lowly coolie would say that Angelina Jolie's face is just ordinary. Yet interestingly, there was a Moment or Point in time, which will make the lowly coolie to recognize or understand logically that Angelina Jolie's face is beautiful.

And basically, interpreting a Beautiful Face is referring to two things, First is, the interpretation of Beautiful Face by treating a Face as an object (Physical). That is, every part of face such as nose shape, eye size, chin shape, face shape, and others. Then every part of face, treated the same as a table shape, house shape, car shape, and others.

The second, interpreting a Beautiful Face by reading the impression that emerged from a face, or expressions and body language that may arise from a face. And the second is that it actually has a high subjectivity.

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