Saturday, May 15, 2010

Look At Winona Ryder Beautiful Face

Winona Ryder Beautiful FaceWinona Ryder Beautiful FaceWinona Ryder Beautiful FaceWinona Ryder Beautiful Face
Unfortunately, She ever did Shoplifting, also known as five-finger discount, with a value of about $5.500. If only She did not, She's really one of perfect angels that ever existed on this earth. With a typical of short haircut, her beautiful face became truly proportional. Maybe, only the Short Haired Natalie Portman, who can match the facial beauty of Winona Ryder in a short hairstyle.

As an actress, Winona Ryder's acting achievements can be assessed as quite good, where in 1994 She won the Golden Globe's Best Performance by an Actress in a Supporting Role in a Motion Picture, through the Age of Innocence. In addition, She has twice been nominated for the Academy Awards. But, if what is assessed is her facial beauty, it is very possible that there were 8 of 10 people will agree that Winona Ryder or Winona Laura Horowitz is the one.

Look at her face in picture at the top, all proportionality factors are there on every feature on Winona Ryder's face, there is only one factor that not, its black-and-white image. The skin of her face has four words of the most coveted by every woman: bright, clean, smooth, and soft. Which raises a contrast, that match with her beautiful lips and shady eye area.

Maybe You just know that Winona Ryder was a brown-eyed woman, a type of eye color which is also coveted by most people. And apparently, Winona Ryder has an oval-shaped face (with smooth jaws, no pointy chin, and a forehead that is not narrow either vertically or horizontally), a type of face shape that is also has aspects of proportion, which was better than any other face shape.

Look at 2nd picture from top, Winona Ryder's nose shape is also very fitting for her facial beauty, and it is a section that matched to Winona Ryder's lips shape. What makes You presume is the picture below, Do wrinkles appear on her face is an effect of aging face, or whether an effect of the facial plastic surgery?.
Winona Ryder Beautiful Face
Image sources: Winona Ryder on Arte y Fotografia by the Dark Clown, on Flickr by Elysson de Castro, on Angelina's Gallery-Photoshoots Parte 1 Album on Picasa Web Albums.


  1. nose job (narrowed around the tip and defined tip) done in sveral steps and eyelid surgery. i wonder how she would look like today without the surgery.

  2. her nose was more beautiful before. now it's maybe more feminine, but not so 'beautiful'.Here eye shadows gave her character and sweetness.

  3. I liked her face before the nose job. That cookie cutter business doesn't work for me. And Natalie didn't need the slight rhinoplasty she had done, as well. She has always been gorgeous. Oh well, the pressures of Hollywood, constantly on film, constantly in the mirror, in front of the camera. No thanks.

  4. Winona may be eccentric and not on the Best Dressed List, but she's beautiful, especially in Edward Scissorhands. She's got that oval face and can wear any hair color and cut.Lucky girl.

  5. AnonymousMay 01, 2014

    Whoever wrote this needs to take more English lessons.

  6. AnonymousMay 02, 2014

    Nosejob? Winona? Where's you get that crazy idea?


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