Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bea Alonzo's Brown Eyes Are Exotic And Natural

Bea Alonzo Brown-Eyed Beautiful Face Bea Alonzo Exotic Brown Eyes
All parts on the face, each having its own distinct role. Furthermore, each of them are in groups--either explicit (physical) or implied (impression), blended into one that produces a Value. And this value is then interpreted by people in three general grades: an ordinary face, a beautiful face, or an ugly face.

A part on the face that has most influential role, both physically and impressions are Eyes. Physically, most people say that Big eyes are beautiful. Meanwhile, judging from the color factor, are Brown eyes. The easy but hard is the assessment based on impressions, because it depends on expressions and body language that is implied on face. A simple example is: People who are angry then the eyes reddening, however, the same thing also happened to people who was crying. Difficult is not it?, But for sure, angry and crying will not make a face to be beautiful.

Now it's time to look at Bea Alonzo face, especially the eyes. Physically, Bea Alonzo eyes are not beautiful according to which has been mentioned above, because the size is not big. But when considering proportion of eyes to the face, it producing a good proportion (woman facial beauty will always needs golden ratio). That is, her face becomes beautiful because her eyes are not exactly big.

But it turns out, Bea Alonzo is a brown-eyed woman (see: beautiful eyes). Brown color on her iris seem dense and did not flee. Uniquely, the Pupil looks exotic due to large rounded. Probably, because She is a Southeast Asian woman.

By impression, brown eyes symbolizing naturalness. Where the brown color can be found anywhere, Among them: in the land of earth, stone and wood. And brown eyes can also mean She is a down-to-earth and mature person. Based on face reading, brown eyes denote that She is a generous woman and woman.

That's the impression of eye as a window to the world, who voiced whisper from heart.

Image source: Bea Alonzo on Picasa Web Albums's Gerry's Gallery.

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