Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Look At Beyoncé Knowles Beautiful Face

Beyoncé Knowles Beautiful FaceBeyoncé Knowles Beautiful FaceBeyoncé Knowles Beautiful FaceBeyoncé Knowles Beautiful FaceBeyoncé Knowles Beautiful FaceBeyoncé Knowles Beautiful Face
This is the most popular African American female artist in the last decade. She is the lead singer of R&B girl group Destiny's Child. Her popularity is very convincing, especially on the web. She was ranked 4th on Google's Top 50 Most Popular Women on the Web. Far above Avril Lavigne or Megan Fox.

Surely You already know who She is, Beyoncé Giselle Knowles, a 4 September 1981-born artist. As a solo singer, Beyoncé has achieved 13 Grammy Awards, of total 16 with Destiny's Child. Plenty of praise from music critics addressed to her mastery in singing. That seems very reasonable to Beyoncé, who possesses a three and a half octave vocal range and has always been identified as the centerpiece of Destiny's Child.

Is only greatness as above, which is owned by Beyoncé?, It seems very reasonable as well if Beyoncé referred to as one of the most beautiful looking woman with dark skin. Beyoncé to show the world that the dark skin, do not have to be not shine. And it can be seen clearly on her face on top image. Beyoncé's facial skin looks fresh, clean and shining. And her nose shape seem proportionate, with a straight nasal bone.

Maybe You still remember correctly with how Beyoncé's style while on the stage, She is very attractive with thick makeup and her long hair flowing freely, which is sometimes a bit ruffled and looked a little "wild". But when She's with minimal makeup as shown on top image, her face seemed to change drastically, in which her facial beauty is natural-looking, elegant and reflects the attitude of a woman's maturity. To find it, look (still on top image) at Beyoncé's dark brown hair with neatly tied up, and pay close attention to the style of her eyebrows, which looks melodious with her eyelash right above her brown eyes.

If You paid attention more closely to her face, Beyoncé's facial beauty is not too rigid features, from her chin, jaw, forehead and cheekbones, all looks fine-featured, or curved. And her thick lips shape as the distinctiveness of an African American woman, coupled in tune with her cared teeth for a friendly smile chap. She's an "I Am...Beautiful Sasha Fierce".

Image sources: Beyoncé Knowles on Images and the Category: Beyoncé Knowles on Wikimedia authorized by Chrisa Hickey, Alex Johnson, Ames Friedman and Greg Norman.

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