Saturday, May 15, 2010

Kajol's Super Eyebrows

What is the primary measure for beautiful eyebrows?, It seems, have not found the main measure for this. But most people really appreciate all that natural, or original. Including the eyebrows.

In many countries, especially in countries of Southeast Asia, most people liked the thick, and long curved stretch eyebrows. Meanwhile, a trait naturalness of the eyebrows, which is recognized by most people, is the eyebrows that look without altered, or at least just with a little shaver.

Well, from the description above, in fact, it contains the sense implied that the beautiful eyebrows is if: it is not be altered, but still look thick and long curved stretch.
Kajol's Super Eyebrows
Then take a look at Kajol's face, all aspects or factors mentioned above can be found on Kajol's eyebrows. Even two pieces of Kajol's eyebrows nearly met again in the middle between the glabella and nasal bone. It's a super eyebrows!.

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