Monday, May 24, 2010

Look At Maria Kanellis Beautiful Face

Maria Kanellis Beautiful FaceMaria Kanellis Beautiful Face
She is a singer, songwriter, actress, TV hostess and model. 5 kinds of occupation that will make You conclude that Maria Louise Kanellis has a complete occupation and suitable for a woman. But read the following, She is also a former professional wrestler at the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE). Well, it's getting more complete now. So, She is a masculine woman. In 2009, She was voted as WWE's Diva of the Year. And there's still one more, the big-eyed Maria Kanellis was also a contestant on the NBC's Celebrity Apprentice.

Though "She is masculine" because She's a wrestler, but nonetheless, Maria Kanellis (born February 25, 1982) remains a woman who likes long hair, flicks eyelash, and others that reflect the female side. But what is really attractive on the face of Maria Kanellis?. She has big eyes, look at the second picture from top, because of its big, make it as being widened.

It also showed that there was little dispersion of brown in Maria Kanellis green iris. If so, in fact She is a hazel-eyed woman. She is fortunate to have big eyes that will produce strong eye contact. Meanwhile, her hazel eyes, has the meaning of a woman who liked the new things and challenging. Remember, She is a wrestler and an ex-Playboy cover.
Maria Kanellis Beautiful FaceMaria Kanellis Beautiful Face
Congenital facial beauty, will usually appear when the woman is in the side view. It will show all the contours of the face. If the woman is a beautiful- faced, then She will have: proportional smooth convex forehead (not flat and not too convex), nasal bone is straight and upright, chin slightly prominent as forming a half-circle. And all the central point of those features, become a point of liaison from the line formed vertically, which flows gently from the forehead, temple, nose bone, cartilage, nose tip, philtrum, lips, and ends at the chin.

Next, look at pictures of Maria Kanellis in side view, whether She has all the features above?

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