Saturday, May 22, 2010

Cameron Diaz's Hooked Nasal Bone

Although a curved shape is very reflects proportionality, thereby making it also termed as the Golden Curve, but what if a curve is to appear on "wrong facial section"?, Apparently it did not significantly influence overall facial beauty.

Curve at the wrong facial section can be found in the nasal bone on the face of Cameron Diaz. Or to say, Cameron Diaz is a woman with a hooked nose bone. Behold, the hooked feature can be seen clearly and is right on the nose bone.
Cameron Diaz's Hooked Nasal BoneCameron Diaz's Hooked Nasal Bone
If Cameron Diaz's face was observed as a unity, which summarizes all aspects of beauty both physical and non-physical, then the Hook in her nasal bone is not so influential. Because, it can be covered or minimized by other features on her face, among others, by her eyes, hair, overall face shape and other dominant sections.

It also proves that there are so many proportional aspects are hidden behind the face (in this case, including the proportion of expression), which will be covering or eliminating a section which is not proportional to the face.

If in above paragraphs are simply to discuss about Cameron Diaz's hooked nasal bone as an element in a unitary of face, then, what about her hooked nasal bone as an individual element?, Is it beautiful, ugly, or unique?.

The close answer is that Cameron Diaz's hooked nasal bone is beautiful, but it is also bad. Because of beauty is indeed subjective. However, the more scientific answer is that: it is a unique one. Therefore, the cuteness is something that is likely to disproportionate, who instead gave the impression of attractiveness.

Image sources: Cameron Diaz on Flickr by Ivva, on Flickr by zanaceabuna75.

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