Thursday, May 13, 2010

Look At Anja Kling Beautiful Face

Anja Kling Classy Beautiful Face
Why is a square-shaped face is almost always represents a classy impression?, Until now there is no logical answer to the most relevant matter. Just so long as a square-shaped face, not featured with super thick lips like Angelina Jolie's. So, a classy impression will remain highly visible. And behold, Anja Kling's beautiful face above, reflect that.

Characteristics of beautiful face that are owned by Anja Kling, can also be found on the face of Emily Deschanel, Diane Kruger (another lovely German actress), and even the facial beauty phenomenon, Grace Kelly. Four of them have a prominent jaw but not excessive. And, they also tend to have a medium haircut. And again, the classy impression of their face, will be more visible from their expression, particularly if their face are not viewed in full frontal view.

Look at the way Anja Kling looked, while showing a blue glow from her eyes, truly reflects an intelligence. A factor that is closely related with the Classy. Perfectly, Anja Kling has a dark brown color for her hair. Thus, integrated a natural impression into a classy impression.

Perhaps, the only factor that makes Anja Kling's facial beauty seemed less than optimal is the Age factor. On March 22, 2010 that was past, She even-aged 40 years, and causing a few wrinkles on her beautiful face. However, the impression of classy, intelligence, and natural, is still very light emanating from Anja Kling's beautiful face.

Image source: the Actress Anja Kling (Schauspielerin Anja Kling) on Wikimedia authorized by Edmond Frederik.

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