Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Look At Diane Kruger Beautiful Face

Who is more worthy to be a symbol of German Beauty?, is Claudia Schiffer or Diane Kruger?.  Maybe if the used as a benchmark assessment is Fame, many people would prefer Claudia Schiffer than Abigail Chase (Diane Kruger's role in National Treasure). But Look At Diane Kruger Beautiful Face, this is what will change people's opinions about who is Most Beautiful Face in Germany?.
Look At Diane Kruger Beautiful FaceLook At Diane Kruger Beautiful Face
Just Look at Her Beautiful Face above, something in her face which became the main attraction of the beauty of Diane Kruger is the hair. At first glance, Diane Kruger's hair seemed like a mess, but that's exactly the main Ravishing of Diane Kruger Beautiful Face. Diane Kruger's Sleek Hairstyle Side, with ponytails, making Diane not only looks beautiful, but also eliminate the impression of arrogance in Diane Kruger. Could be, Diane Kruger is also a symbol of Blonde Hair Beautiful Woman. Indeed, it seems that facial beauty is more synonymous with Long Black Hair (Look At Minissha Lamba Hair).
Look At Diane Kruger Beautiful Face
Look at Diane Kruger Gray Eyes, her eyes gaze was shady and feels friendly. Her gray eyes, which also caused Diane Kruger glance was so Beautiful. Well, I think You wanna look also, How does the Beautiful Diane Kruger looked at You.
Look At Diane Kruger Beautiful Face
Diane Kruger Beautiful Face photos by Nicolas Genin and


  1. She's look pretty woman.

    I can't say anything

  3. just one word: beautiful!

  4. AnonymousMay 26, 2012


  5. Kruger's a modern Monroe, a classic beauty with a square shaped face Picture her and Ben in National treasure having a daughter. She would look like Sara Paxton, who also has a square shaped face and is pretty too. She reminds me of a Robin Wright (Penn)/Sharon Stone


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