Tuesday, January 5, 2010

About Look At Her Beautiful Face

Although the main purpose of this blog is already reflected in subdomain and blog title, which is more clarified in blog description, but presumably it would be better if the readers know a little about the ins and outs and its blog history.

Web is a medium of information with the information itself is unlimited in number, dynamic and is accumulative, perhaps billions of pages. Billions of information is then sorted into various types of files, where one of them is the image file. The Freedom of Information Access, has made all people with very diverse backgrounds in the world, is easy to obtain, view and enjoy the images, in this case is the image of beautiful women such as actresses, singers, models, athletes and others. In addition: Web and its billions of information, has made every part of the world seem much closer and could not be denied, this is a positive impact.

Why Does This Blog Live On The Web?
But, along with the easier to access the images of beautiful women (especially celebrities images due to the physical beauty are generally owned by them), the beautiful women images spread on the web as if without filtered.

Images of beautiful celebrities are everywhere on the web and very diverse. Words such as: sexy, hot, naked even nudes, was so accustomed to following their names. Meanwhile, there were still so many people and places in the world, which seems not ready because of cultural and educational background factors (especially in developing countries or underdeveloped), and in every place in the world even still very restricted, especially by age, to view and enjoy the beautiful women images in adult category.

Indeed there are rules and options (especially on Search Engines, or Safe Search) that can restrict it, but this was not enough to be used as a kind of collateral. And this is a negative impact. Meanwhile as well, when we (human being) look at the woman's beautiful face, just on the face, had a special pleasure because of the woman's beautiful face is sort of a little mystery with so many meanings contained therein.

And this is why Look at Her Beautiful Face blog live on the web; For those who just want to look at the woman's beautiful face and talk about it, and a little about the beautiful woman's figure.

Tools And Resources
Women's beautiful face images by relevance becomes an essential element to this blog, in which the blog author is not a photographer or not the copyright holder. Therefore, all published images are images under a Creative Commons license and public domain images. Thus, Creative Commons is this blog's main tool and resource.

In addition there are some tools and other resources, namely:

1. Google Advanced Image Search, to search images with labeled for commercial reuse with modification
2. Creative Commons Search, to search images with labeled for commercial reuse with modification as well
3. Wikimedia Commons, the source of Creative Commons license images
4. Flickr, the source of Creative Commons license images
5. Picasa Web Albums, the source of Creative Commons license images and for storage
6. Blogger, a web service for publishing blogs and a space to explore your creativity and idea
7. Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia and as a reference
8. FinalSense, an inspiring girl face image

Blog author has always tried to give Attribution (Copyright) to the Source and Author of the image, except for Public Domain images. If you are a copyright holder and found something is deviated, read Disclaimer.

This blog is under MyFreeCopyright and protected by Copyscape, and all texts are under the following license.

Creative Commons License
Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at http://lookatherbeautifulface.blogspot.com/p/about.html.

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  1. please consider writing on nazanin boniadi and cobie smulders as well as Halle Berry, Rani Mukherji, Teri Hatcher, Diya Mirza, Isha Koppikar and Sneha Ullal :)


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