Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Look At Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face

It must be interpreted, that everything that is created by God, is often transformed into a Mystery. God's creation in all its concrete form, and certainly something unseen that it was already a mystery, actually has the implied meaning, which can only be understood if we are not only using the mind, but also Feelings. So?, as well as when we Looked at a Beautiful Face,...when Look at Her Beautiful Face.
Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face
Now, Look at Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face. And do not try to look away at the Body of Penelope Cruz. Only at Her face (including the hair, You know, the Face is vertically from chin to hair). What's on Her face? Let's find out. Indeed, the eyes and surrounding areas, is one of parts of the face, which Strongly Reflects the personality of a person. Look at the Beautiful Eyes of Penelope Cruz, the eye and surrounding areas dominated by Black, especially Penelope Cruz's thick eyebrows. In my opinion, the Black was able to be associated with Firmness and Wisdom. Perhaps these two things that make Penelope Cruz remained steady (still Black) when Penelope Cruz had to part with Tom Cruise.
Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face
Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face and Her Thick Eyebrows
Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face In Dark Shades Eyeshadow
Although Penelope Cruz's skin looks a little bit twisted so that makes it look a little bit old (though in fact She's old), but instead it makes Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face also looks Motherly. This is the mystery of Beautiful Face, which always implies Virtues (If Aishwarya Rai's face was the most Beautiful Face in the world, then, so many Virtues Implication, which is a mystery on Her Beautiful Face). Perhaps, it is also true that women with Beautiful Faces, in fact often have the opposite behavior. The answer is simple, the women with Beautiful Faces, can not catch the implication of Virtues mystery of their own faces. Keep Look at Her Beautiful Face, until the Mystery can be revealed.

Penelope Cruz Beautiful Face image sources: on Commons.wikimedia1, authorized by Joelle Maslaton. On Commons.wikimedia2, authorized by Chrisa Hickey.


  1. nice blog...
    beautiful face...

  2. I like this site but there are not as many beautiful faces as i would have liked :(

  3. AnonymousMay 21, 2011

    penelope is really a naturally beautiful woman...i find her eyes, lips and hair the most beautiful...although she has not a perfect face, she has one of the most beautiful faces i've ever seen...i find those faces more beautiful than "perfect" faces ...because flaws are more interesting and a person has more character


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