Monday, January 25, 2010

Look At Minissha Lamba Beautiful Face

Just like when people think of Angel Locsin (the Beautiful of Philippines) who think that Angel Locsin was more appropriate to be called as a Sexy Woman, as well as with Minissha Lamba, certainly Minissha Lamba was more fit at being called as a Sexy Woman, even a Hot Woman. Just type the query "Minissha Lamba" on Google search, and then see the result (SERP-Search Engine Results Page), I am sure that will appear more, is word "hot" and "sexy" than the word "Beautiful".
Minissha Lamba Beautiful Face
But Look at Minissha Lamba Face, actually Minissha Lamba was also a beautiful woman, and you have to say: "Yeah, right!". You must have also known that between sexy and beautiful is clearly different. Look at Minissha Lamba Eyes, might be interpreted as a Beautiful Eyes than as a Sexy Eyes. What about Minissha Lamba hair?, Long hair of Minissha Lamba which flowing gracefully, it is also the main attraction of Minissha Lamba Beautiful Face, not the main attraction of Minissha Lamba Sexy Face.
Minissha Lamba Beautiful Face
Minissha Lamba Beautiful Face And Long Straight HairstyleMinissha Lamba Beautiful Face And Long Straight Hairstyle
But it must be admitted, that the impression which is inherent on Minissha Lamba, formed because of her behavior. Well, You know that Minissha Lamba often posing with an open dress-bikini, so that Minissha Lamba had become more synonymous with Sexy and Hot. In fact, She's also had a Beautiful Face, just Look at Minissha Lamba Beautiful Face.
Minissha Lamba Beautiful Face
Images source and attribution: 123 Network on Picasa Web Albums.


  1. hi there! I do not know her but I think she is really beautiful. Your site is also nice.


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