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Kareena Kapoor And Her Exotic Hexagonal Face

Asoka is an epic Bollywood movie produced in 2001. The film was directed by Santosh Sivan and starred by two famous actors, Shah Rukh Khan as Prince Asoka and Kareena Kapoor as Kaurwaki, the Princess of Kalinga.

In the film, Kaurwaki is depicted as being an orphan princess from Kalinga, and leads an army against Asoka's invasion. Meanwhile, legends says that Kaurwaki was daughter of a fisher man who was married to the prince of Kalinga and had became the queen of Kalinga. It is said that She led an army of females against Asoka, after Kalinga had no males left to defend it (Wikipedia's Kaurwaki).

Regardless where the fact is true, one thing to note is that Kaurwaki itself is an Exotic figure. When the producer and director chose Kareena Kapoor to act as Kaurwaki figure, it becomes the right choice. Since Kareena Kapoor having a very exotic face, namely the Hexagon-shaped. What in the world of hair styling, called the square or diamond face.
Kareena Kapoor And Her Exotic Hexagonal Face
Wikipedia's Hexagon said that in geometry, a hexagon is a polygon with six edges and six vertices. A regular hexagon has Schläfli symbol. The total of the internal angles of any hexagon is 720 degrees. And when a hexagon is integrated on a woman's face, then created an exotic face with a high distinctiveness. Hexagonal system can be found on a piece of jewelry that is very valuable, namely the diamond crystal.

On the other hand, with a hexagon-shaped, Kareena Kapoor's face to seem strange, but when She framed her hazel eyes with dark mascara, will shine an unparalleled exotic face in Bollywood (Just remember how the Kaurwaki look in Asoka).

Kareena Kapoor has three facial sections that greatly influenced her hexagonal face, the shape of forehead that make up the triangle because her lush thick hair, two vertical parallel cheekbones and straight, and triangle formed on her jaw to its chin. Very likely, the level of symmetry of Kareena Kapoor exotic hexagonal face is almost 100%. It's a distinctive beauty.

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  1. Kareena is such a milky beauty I go crazy for her my Punjabi princess your Bengali prince here to make you into a queen I want you all night long and take care of your sweet sensual hexagonal face.


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