Saturday, May 1, 2010

Emily Deschanel Truly Beautiful Face

Emily Deschanel Truly Beautiful Face
Above is the face of Dr. Temperance "Bones" Brennan, a forensic anthropologist played by Emily Deschanel. She was doing autographs for fans on an event in May 2007.

Psychologically, anything that is felt, done, and thought by a person, will bring a variety of expressions in which one of these expressions will be reflected on the face of its person.

And for Emily Deschanel, who appeared to be doing autographs for her fans, an expression that arises is expression of serious, calm and focused. In a sense, Emily Deschanel would do her best in making her autographs for fans. The expression of serious, calm and focused, clearly also affect the beautiful face belongs to Emily Deschanel.

Look for yourself on how the expression of Emily Deschanel, it reveals all the elements of her beautiful face, which so far not caught by the eye. Where indeed, Emily Deschanel's facial beauty is already a Classy one.

Her calm expression, also exposes all basic features on her face. Look at how straight and exquisite, the shape of her nose bone, as exquisite as her lips shape, chin shape, and the feature of her temples-eyebrows.

It's a body language or expression on Emily Deschanel's face, who really shows that Emily Deschanel's face is truly beautiful. She has a facial beauty charm, which is nearly commensurate with Grace Kelly's facial beauty.

Image source: Emily Deschanel and Jennifer Morrison on Flickr by Arnold Gatilao.

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