Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Secret of Beautiful Face

Beautiful Face of Maria Menounos
Beautiful Face as result of a facial treatment can be said is just usual. But actually, there are some cases that do not have direct physical relevance, or not in direct contact to the face, which can also make the face look more beautiful. Without prejudice that facial treatment is a must, especially for women. Here are some cases that have no direct physical relevance, just call it, some very simple tips that might work:

1. Share with others
Behave in friendly and benevolent to others, it will provide benefits. So, do good to others, as best and as much as possible. Virtue's positive energy, which is poured out for others, will bring up the radiance of face. But with one condition, the virtue or goodness should be done with sincerity.

2. Meditation
People who have exercise activities like Yoga, get the advantage in which it will make the face look bright and shining. If it can not be done with Yoga, it can also be done by meditation, by sitting cross-legged, or standing upright alone. Highly recommended to bear in mind the good things, and contemplated what had been done. With the aim, to regain a fresh mind positively.

3. Come up to the God
Be aware of the existence of God. Therefore, just maximize the activity in getting closer to God. The aura emanating from this activity, will also shine on face. Thus, it will add to the beauty and cleanliness from inside, because of often feel grateful.

4. Keeping healthy living arrangement
Arrange a healthy lifestyle is important for body. Logically, this would be a very positive effect on activity in beautify the face. Avoid smoking, drinking alcohol, oily foods, and fast food. Also, keep the Mood. Stay away from attitude of depression and easy stress. Then, inadequate sleep time.

Originally published in Indonesian on Shvoong's Rahasia Wajah Cantik (the Secret of Beautiful Face).

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