Friday, May 28, 2010

What Is Exotic Face?

The term "Exotic" in the post title above, is a word that is often misinterpreted by people, as well as the people who actually understand the term of exotic, they sometimes also still wondering what exactly is the meaning of the term exotic. Which may be, the people who are still curious, is due to be triggered by a perception or statement by other group of people, for example, that: "Aishwarya Rai has an exotic face."

In terminology, exotic is an adjective, which means being or from or characteristic of another place or part of the world. Thus, exotic may be illustrated by an alien. Then, the essence meaning of exotic as an Adjective, is Unusual or Mysterious. However, for the use of the word exotic in everyday conversations, would be more fitting for a definition: Unusual.

While synonyms are: bizarre, different, extraordinary, outside, peculiar, strange, striking, unfamiliar, way out, and weird. And with antonyms: familiar, normal, ordinary, usual. Note that the terminology is accumulative, so it would be more antonyms and synonyms. Like the term of Beautiful, exotic is also Subjective. The difference is in the context of use, that exotic is more specific than beautiful.

Exotic also leads to things that are visible, such as a movement, an object, and a shape. For example: exotic dance, exotic hairstyle, exotic lipstick color and many other exotic ones. So the function of the word exotic in a phrase is to explain. Well, the meaning of the Exotic Face is actually already be known. That is an unusual face, a different face, a strange face, an unfamiliar face and many other interpretations.

But where is its exotic in the phrase of exotic face?. Pay attention to the definition of the word exotic to: unusual. Then underline also that the face is an object and or a shape. The essence meaning of the word unusual, will be clear if there is comparator. Then, compare the woman facial characteristics commonly accepted in science or in community with a woman's face. Take as an example is the face of Kareena Kapoor.
Kareena Kapoor and Aishwarya Rai Facial Characteristics
Usually, the characteristics of a woman's face is: smooth jaw bone and not so prominent, face is oval and round. When compared with the face of Kareena Kapoor, then, Kareena Kapoor's face is unusual, or Exotic. Because it has very prominent jaw, and face mixture of square and diamond. While Aishwarya Rai's face is not exotic, because it has more usual facial characteristics.

Just as a cute face, an exotic face is a facial attractiveness that has its own aesthetic.



  2. vanity is very beautiful & exotic looking!!


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