Friday, March 19, 2010

Look At Kelly Hu Beautiful Face

This is a beautiful face of a woman who is a descendant of Chinese, Hawaiian and English. And She is also a woman who still looks beautiful despite her age has been more than 40 years. On February 13, 1968, was born a Kelly Ann Hu, an American actress who rose in popularity after playing in the movie Scorpion King.
Kelly Hu Beautiful FaceKelly Hu Beautiful Face
Although Kelly Hu raised in America, but typical of Kelly as a Chinese (East Asia), is physically still very visible; pug nose, dark straight hair and slanted eyes, three distinctive aspects of oriental beauty, and also slightly yellow skin.
Kelly Hu Beautiful FaceKelly Hu Beautiful Face
Which part of the face that makes Kelly Hu looked beautiful?, Just look at her face shape, that's it...,that's the main element of Kelly Hu beautiful face. Kelly Hu face shape is round and slightly oval, which has a very appropriate proportionality for all other parts of her face. Let's look again, like most of East Asia peoples, Kelly Hu's nose is not sharp-edged or pug with slanted eyes, two elements that are relatively not beautiful to be viewed section by section. But it became just okay, because of her perfect round slightly oval face shape, it was her most beautiful main element.
Kelly Hu Beautiful FaceKelly Hu Beautiful Face
And three main sections that make Kelly Hu face shape to be beautiful (beautiful three parts too of course), is a broad forehead with a fitted, jaw and areas around the cheeks and chin shape. Hopefully, Kelly Hu did not lead by tweaking these three parts that are already beautiful with plastic surgery.
Kelly Hu Beautiful FaceKelly Hu Beautiful Face
Up again to part that was under her forehead, ie the eyebrows and eyes. Look, it turns out, to be beautiful does not have to have a long and thick eyebrows. But how to make the eyebrows can be a counterweight to other parts of face, or to face itself. Kelly Hu has (made) a thin eyebrows on her face, it seems, is to further strengthen her beautiful face shape, on the other hand, thin eyebrows can mean: the pride, maturity or mellowness. In addition, Kelly Hu thin eyebrows also give harmony to her beautiful thin lips.

And under her eyebrows, Kelly Hu was awarded by God, a pair of eyes with a very desirable color by many women, the color is dark-brown. So, that's the oriental beauty blended with Hawaiian and English.

Credit to: United States Department of Defense for the Kelly Hu pictures.


  1. I always thought she's one of the most beautiful woman period. We both celebrate the same birth day. Feb 13.

  2. i don't appreciate your use of the words "oriental" and "typical" to describe Kelly Hu. I've noticed the writer of this blog likes to generalize Asian beauty. you don't see anyone writing "typical caucasian/white beauty." just stop.

  3. I always admire women nose and ears.
    for Kelly it looks like sculpted very nicesly.

  4. AnonymousMay 19, 2013

    No doubt Kelly Hu is a beautiful woman BUT she *HAS* had plastic surgery. As an artist who studies faces (with a fascination for plastic surgery) I will GUARANTEE you that Kelly has had work done.

    She has definitely had work on her eyes - not to make them less 'slanted' but to make them "softer" with higher folds and getting rid of the epicanthal folds. I also believe her nose has been tweaked to have a narrower bridge and to make the alar base less wide.

    All you need to do is look at her earlier photos like the official Miss Hawaii photo ( Or when she was on Growing Pains ( I used to have a link to a pic of her on a soap opera (in which she looked spectacularly UN-attractive) but those have all been removed.

  5. If you always think lowly of East Asian women's 'pug nose' and 'slanted eyes', why bother to put their pictures on your website?

    You overgeneralize Asian nose and eyes, without bothering to sub-categorize them. Do you say that a Western woman always have the same type of eyes?

    This is a blog that is devoted to analyze beautiful faces. You can do better than that.

  6. The word "oriental" is usually used for rugs. Pug nose?! Very insulting.


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